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npm i @types/istanbul-reports
yarn add @types/istanbul-reports
pnpm add @types/istanbul-reports


TypeScript definitions for istanbul-reports



function create

create: <T extends keyof ReportOptions>(
name: T,
options?: Partial<ReportOptions[T]>
) => ReportBase;


    interface CloverOptions

    interface CloverOptions extends FileOptions, ProjectOptions {}

      interface CoberturaOptions

      interface CoberturaOptions extends FileOptions, ProjectOptions {}

        interface FileOptions

        interface FileOptions {}

          property file

          file: string;

            interface HtmlOptions

            interface HtmlOptions {}

              property linkMapper

              linkMapper: LinkMapper;

                property skipEmpty

                skipEmpty: boolean;

                  property subdir

                  subdir: string;

                    property verbose

                    verbose: boolean;

                      interface HtmlSpaOptions

                      interface HtmlSpaOptions extends HtmlOptions {}

                        property metricsToShow

                        metricsToShow: Array<'lines' | 'branches' | 'functions' | 'statements'>;

                          interface LcovOnlyOptions

                          interface LcovOnlyOptions extends FileOptions, ProjectOptions {}

                            interface LcovOptions

                            interface LcovOptions extends FileOptions, ProjectOptions {}

                              interface LinkMapper

                              interface LinkMapper {}

                                method assetPath

                                assetPath: (node: Node, name: string) => string;

                                  method getPath

                                  getPath: (node: string | Node) => string;

                                    method relativePath

                                    relativePath: (source: string | Node, target: string | Node) => string;

                                      interface ProjectOptions

                                      interface ProjectOptions {}

                                        property projectRoot

                                        projectRoot: string;

                                          interface ReportOptions

                                          interface ReportOptions {}

                                            property "html-spa"

                                            'html-spa': HtmlSpaOptions;

                                              property "json-summary"

                                              'json-summary': JsonSummaryOptions;

                                                property "text-lcov"

                                                'text-lcov': TextLcovOptions;

                                                  property "text-summary"

                                                  'text-summary': TextSummaryOptions;

                                                    property clover

                                                    clover: CloverOptions;

                                                      property cobertura

                                                      cobertura: CoberturaOptions;

                                                        property html

                                                        html: HtmlOptions;

                                                          property json

                                                          json: JsonOptions;

                                                            property lcov

                                                            lcov: LcovOptions;

                                                              property lcovonly

                                                              lcovonly: LcovOnlyOptions;

                                                                property none

                                                                none: never;

                                                                  property teamcity

                                                                  teamcity: TeamcityOptions;

                                                                    property text

                                                                    text: TextOptions;

                                                                      interface TeamcityOptions

                                                                      interface TeamcityOptions extends FileOptions {}

                                                                        property blockName

                                                                        blockName: string;

                                                                          interface TextOptions

                                                                          interface TextOptions extends FileOptions {}

                                                                            property maxCols

                                                                            maxCols: number;

                                                                              property skipEmpty

                                                                              skipEmpty: boolean;

                                                                                property skipFull

                                                                                skipFull: boolean;

                                                                                  Type Aliases

                                                                                  type JsonOptions

                                                                                  type JsonOptions = FileOptions;

                                                                                    type JsonSummaryOptions

                                                                                    type JsonSummaryOptions = FileOptions;

                                                                                      type ReportType

                                                                                      type ReportType = keyof ReportOptions;

                                                                                        type TextLcovOptions

                                                                                        type TextLcovOptions = ProjectOptions;

                                                                                          type TextSummaryOptions

                                                                                          type TextSummaryOptions = FileOptions;

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