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npm i @types/jshint
yarn add @types/jshint
pnpm add @types/jshint


TypeScript definitions for jshint



function JSHINT

  • Parameter source

    The input JavaScript source code. Type: string or an array of strings (each element is interpreted as a newline)

    Parameter options

    The linting options to use when analyzing the source code. Type: an object whose property names are the desired options to use and whose property values are the configuration values for those properties.

    Parameter predef

    variables defined outside of the current file; the behavior of this argument is identical to the globals linting option. Type: an object whose property names are the global variable identifiers and whose property values control whether each variable should be considered read-only

    Example 1

    JSHINT(["'use strict';", "console.log('hello, world!');"]);

    Example 2

    JSHINT(mySource, { undef: true });

    Example 3

    JSHINT(mySource, myOptions, { jQuery: false });


interface ExtensionAPI

interface ExtensionAPI {}

    property isJSON

    readonly isJSON: boolean;

      method getOption

      getOption: (name: string) => unknown | null;

        interface LintData

        interface LintData {}

          property errors

          errors?: LintError[] | undefined;

            property functions

            functions?: LintFunction[] | undefined;

              property globals

              globals?: string[] | undefined;

                property implieds

                implieds?: any;

                  property json

                  json?: any;

                    property member

                    member?: any;

                      property options

                      options?: LintOptions | undefined;

                        property unused

                        unused?: LintUnused[] | undefined;

                          interface LintError

                          interface LintError {}

                            property a

                            a?: any;

                              property b

                              b?: any;

                                property c

                                c?: any;

                                  property character

                                  character: number;

                                    property code

                                    code: string;

                                      property d

                                      d?: any;

                                        property evidence

                                        evidence: string;

                                          property id

                                          id: string;

                                            property line

                                            line: number;

                                              property raw

                                              raw: string;

                                                property reason

                                                reason: string;

                                                  property scope

                                                  scope: string;

                                                    interface LintFunction

                                                    interface LintFunction {}

                                                      property character

                                                      character: number;

                                                        property last

                                                        last: number;

                                                          property lastcharacter

                                                          lastcharacter: number;

                                                            property line

                                                            line: number;

                                                              property metrics

                                                              metrics: {
                                                              complexity: number;
                                                              parameters: number;
                                                              statements: number;

                                                                property name

                                                                name: string;

                                                                  property param

                                                                  param: any;

                                                                    interface LintUnused

                                                                    interface LintUnused {}

                                                                      property character

                                                                      character: number;

                                                                        property line

                                                                        line: number;

                                                                          property name

                                                                          name: string;

                                                                            Type Aliases

                                                                            type LintOptions

                                                                            type LintOptions = Record<string, any>;

                                                                              type ModuleFunction

                                                                              type ModuleFunction = (api: ExtensionAPI) => void;


                                                                                namespace JSHINT

                                                                                namespace JSHINT {}

                                                                                  variable errors

                                                                                  const errors: LintError[];
                                                                                  • An array of warnings and errors generated by the most recent invocation of JSHINT.

                                                                                  variable jshint

                                                                                  const jshint: typeof JSHINT;

                                                                                    function addModule

                                                                                    addModule: (func: ModuleFunction) => void;

                                                                                      function data

                                                                                      data: () => LintData | null | undefined;
                                                                                      • Generate a report containing details about the most recent invocation of JSHINT.

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