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npm i @types/karma
yarn add @types/karma
pnpm add @types/karma


TypeScript definitions for karma





Type Aliases



variable runner

const runner: Runner;

    variable stopper

    const stopper: Stopper;

      variable VERSION

      const VERSION: string;


        class Server

        class Server extends EventEmitter {}


          constructor(options?: Config, callback?: ServerCallback);


            constructor(options?: ConfigOptions | ConfigFile, callback?: ServerCallback);
            • Deprecated

            method get

            get: (token: string) => any;
            • Get properties from the injector

              Parameter token

            method on

            on: {
            (event: string, listener: (...args: any[]) => void): this;
            event: 'run_complete',
            listener: (browsers: any, results: TestResults) => void
            ): this;
            • Listen to the 'run_complete' event.

            method refreshFile

            refreshFile: (path: string) => Promise<any>;

              method refreshFiles

              refreshFiles: () => Promise<any>;
              • Force a refresh of the file list

              method start

              start: () => Promise<void>;
              • Start the server

              method stop

              stop: () => Promise<void>;
              • Stop the server


              interface BrowserConsoleLogOptions

              interface BrowserConsoleLogOptions {}

                property format

                format?: string | undefined;
                • The format is a string where %b, %t, %T, and %m are replaced with the browser string, log type in lower-case, log type in uppercase, and log message, respectively. This format will only effect the output file

                property level

                level?: 'log' | 'error' | 'warn' | 'info' | 'debug' | undefined;
                • the desired log-level, where level log always is logged

                property path

                path?: string | undefined;
                • output-path of the output-file

                property terminal

                terminal?: boolean | undefined;
                • if the log should be written in the terminal, or not

                interface ClientOptions

                interface ClientOptions {}

                  property args

                  args?: string[] | undefined;
                  • undefined When karma run is passed additional arguments on the command-line, they are passed through to the test adapter as karma.config.args (an array of strings). The client.args option allows you to set this value for actions other than run. How this value is used is up to your test adapter - you should check your adapter's documentation to see how (and if) it uses this value.

                  property captureConsole

                  captureConsole?: boolean | undefined;
                  • true Capture all console output and pipe it to the terminal.

                  property clearContext

                  clearContext?: boolean | undefined;
                  • true Clear the context window If true, Karma clears the context window upon the completion of running the tests. If false, Karma does not clear the context window upon the completion of running the tests. Setting this to false is useful when embedding a Jasmine Spec Runner Template.

                  property clientDisplayNone

                  clientDisplayNone?: boolean | undefined;
                  • false Set style display none on client elements. If true, Karma does not display the banner and browser list. Useful when using karma on component tests with screenshots

                  property runInParent

                  runInParent?: boolean | undefined;
                  • false Run the tests on the same window as the client, without using iframe or a new window

                  property useIframe

                  useIframe?: boolean | undefined;
                  • true Run the tests inside an iFrame or a new window If true, Karma runs the tests inside an iFrame. If false, Karma runs the tests in a new window. Some tests may not run in an iFrame and may need a new window to run.

                  interface Config

                  interface Config {}

                    property LOG_DEBUG

                    LOG_DEBUG: string;

                      property LOG_DISABLE

                      LOG_DISABLE: string;

                        property LOG_ERROR

                        LOG_ERROR: string;

                          property LOG_INFO

                          LOG_INFO: string;

                            property LOG_WARN

                            LOG_WARN: string;

                              property set

                              set: (config: ConfigOptions) => void;

                                interface ConfigFile

                                interface ConfigFile {}

                                  property configFile

                                  configFile: string;

                                    interface ConfigOptions

                                    interface ConfigOptions {}

                                      property autoWatch

                                      autoWatch?: boolean | undefined;
                                      • Enable or disable watching files and executing the tests whenever one of these files changes. true

                                      property autoWatchBatchDelay

                                      autoWatchBatchDelay?: number | undefined;
                                      • When Karma is watching the files for changes, it tries to batch multiple changes into a single run so that the test runner doesn't try to start and restart running tests more than it should. The configuration setting tells Karma how long to wait (in milliseconds) after any changes have occurred before starting the test process again. 250

                                      property basePath

                                      basePath?: string | undefined;
                                      • '' The root path location that will be used to resolve all relative paths defined in files and exclude. If the basePath configuration is a relative path then it will be resolved to the __dirname of the configuration file.

                                      property beforeMiddleware

                                      beforeMiddleware?: string[] | undefined;
                                      • This is the same as middleware except that these middleware will be run before karma's own middleware. []

                                      property browserConsoleLogOptions

                                      browserConsoleLogOptions?: BrowserConsoleLogOptions | undefined;
                                      • Configure how the browser console is logged with the following properties, all of which are optional

                                      property browserDisconnectTimeout

                                      browserDisconnectTimeout?: number | undefined;
                                      • 2000 How long does Karma wait for a browser to reconnect (in ms). With a flaky connection it is pretty common that the browser disconnects, but the actual test execution is still running without any problems. Karma does not treat a disconnection as immediate failure and will wait browserDisconnectTimeout (ms). If the browser reconnects during that time, everything is fine.

                                      property browserDisconnectTolerance

                                      browserDisconnectTolerance?: number | undefined;
                                      • 0 The number of disconnections tolerated. The disconnectTolerance value represents the maximum number of tries a browser will attempt in the case of a disconnection. Usually any disconnection is considered a failure, but this option allows you to define a tolerance level when there is a flaky network link between the Karma server and the browsers.

                                      property browserNoActivityTimeout

                                      browserNoActivityTimeout?: number | undefined;
                                      • 10000 How long will Karma wait for a message from a browser before disconnecting from it (in ms). If, during test execution, Karma does not receive any message from a browser within browserNoActivityTimeout (ms), it will disconnect from the browser

                                      property browsers

                                      browsers?: Array<AutomatedBrowsers | string> | undefined;
                                      • [] Possible Values: Chrome (launcher comes installed with Karma) ChromeCanary (launcher comes installed with Karma) PhantomJS (launcher comes installed with Karma) Firefox (launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin) FirefoxHeadless (launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin) FirefoxDeveloper (launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin) FirefoxDeveloperHeadless (launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin) FirefoxAurora (launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin) FirefoxAuroraHeadless (launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin) FirefoxNightly (launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin) FirefoxNightlyHeadless (launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin) Opera (launcher requires karma-opera-launcher plugin) Internet Explorer (launcher requires karma-ie-launcher plugin) Safari (launcher requires karma-safari-launcher plugin) A list of browsers to launch and capture. When Karma starts up, it will also start up each browser which is placed within this setting. Once Karma is shut down, it will shut down these browsers as well. You can capture any browser manually by opening the browser and visiting the URL where the Karma web server is listening (by default it is http://localhost:9876/).

                                      property browserSocketTimeout

                                      browserSocketTimeout?: number | undefined;
                                      • Timeout for the client socket connection (in ms) 20000

                                      property captureTimeout

                                      captureTimeout?: number | undefined;
                                      • 60000 Timeout for capturing a browser (in ms). The captureTimeout value represents the maximum boot-up time allowed for a browser to start and connect to Karma. If any browser does not get captured within the timeout, Karma will kill it and try to launch it again and, after three attempts to capture it, Karma will give up.

                                      property client

                                      client?: ClientOptions | undefined;

                                        property colors

                                        colors?: boolean | undefined;
                                        • true Enable or disable colors in the output (reporters and logs).

                                        property concurrency

                                        concurrency?: number | undefined;
                                        • 'Infinity' How many browsers Karma launches in parallel. Especially on services like SauceLabs and Browserstack, it makes sense only to launch a limited amount of browsers at once, and only start more when those have finished. Using this configuration, you can specify how many browsers should be running at once at any given point in time.

                                        property crossOriginAttribute

                                        crossOriginAttribute?: boolean | undefined;
                                        • When true, this will append the crossorigin attribute to generated script tags, which enables better error reporting for JavaScript files served from a different origin true

                                        property customClientContextFile

                                        customClientContextFile?: string | undefined;
                                        • If null (default), uses karma's own client_with_context.html file (which is used when client.runInParent set to true). undefined

                                        property customContextFile

                                        customContextFile?: string | undefined;
                                        • If null (default), uses karma's own context.html file. undefined

                                        property customDebugFile

                                        customDebugFile?: string | undefined;
                                        • If null (default), uses karma's own debug.html file. undefined

                                        property customHeaders

                                        customHeaders?: CustomHeaders[] | undefined;
                                        • Custom HTTP headers that will be set upon serving files by Karma's web server. Custom headers are useful, especially with upcoming browser features like Service Workers. undefined

                                        property customLaunchers

                                        customLaunchers?: { [key: string]: CustomLauncher } | undefined;

                                          property detached

                                          detached?: boolean | undefined;
                                          • When true, this will start the karma server in another process, writing no output to the console. The server can be stopped using the karma stop command. false

                                          property exclude

                                          exclude?: string[] | undefined;
                                          • [] List of files/patterns to exclude from loaded files.

                                          property failOnEmptyTestSuite

                                          failOnEmptyTestSuite?: boolean | undefined;
                                          • Enable or disable failure on running empty test-suites. If disabled the program will return exit-code 0 and display a warning. true

                                          property failOnFailingTestSuite

                                          failOnFailingTestSuite?: boolean | undefined;
                                          • Enable or disable failure on failing tests. true

                                          property failOnSkippedTests

                                          failOnSkippedTests?: boolean | undefined;
                                          • Enable or disable failure on tests deliberately disabled, eg fit() or xit() tests in jasmine. Use this to prevent accidental disabling tests needed to validate production. true

                                          property files

                                          files?: Array<FilePattern | string> | undefined;
                                          • [] List of files/patterns to load in the browser.

                                          property forceJSONP

                                          forceJSONP?: boolean | undefined;
                                          • Force socket.io to use JSONP polling instead of XHR polling false

                                          property formatError

                                          formatError?: ((msg: string) => string) | undefined;
                                          • A new error message line undefined

                                          property frameworks

                                          frameworks?: string[] | undefined;
                                          • [] List of test frameworks you want to use. Typically, you will set this to ['jasmine'], ['mocha'] or ['qunit']... Please note just about all frameworks in Karma require an additional plugin/framework library to be installed (via NPM).

                                          property hostname

                                          hostname?: string | undefined;
                                          • 'localhost' Hostname to be used when capturing browsers.

                                          property httpModule

                                          httpModule?: string | undefined;
                                          • Module used for Karma webserver undefined

                                          property httpsServerOptions

                                          httpsServerOptions?: https.ServerOptions | undefined;
                                          • {} Options object to be used by Node's https class. Object description can be found in the [NodeJS.org API docs](https://nodejs.org/api/tls.html#tls_tls_createserver_options_secureconnectionlistener)

                                          property listenAddress

                                          listenAddress?: string | undefined;
                                          • Address that the server will listen on. Change to 'localhost' to only listen to the loopback, or '::' to listen on all IPv6 interfaces '' or LISTEN_ADDR

                                          property loggers

                                          loggers?: { [name: string]: Appender } | Appender[] | undefined;
                                          • [{type: 'console'}] A list of log appenders to be used. See the documentation for [log4js] for more information.

                                          property logLevel

                                          logLevel?: string | undefined;
                                          • config.LOG_INFO Possible values: config.LOG_DISABLE config.LOG_ERROR config.LOG_WARN config.LOG_INFO config.LOG_DEBUG Level of logging.

                                          property middleware

                                          middleware?: string[] | undefined;
                                          • [] List of names of additional middleware you want the Karma server to use. Middleware will be used in the order listed. You must have installed the middleware via a plugin/framework (either inline or via NPM). Additional information can be found in [plugins](http://karma-runner.github.io/2.0/config/plugins.html). The plugin must provide an express/connect middleware function (details about this can be found in the [Express](http://expressjs.com/guide/using-middleware.html) docs).

                                          property mime

                                          mime?: { [type: string]: string[] } | undefined;
                                          • {} Redefine default mapping from file extensions to MIME-type. Set property name to required MIME, provide Array of extensions (without dots) as it's value.

                                          property pingTimeout

                                          pingTimeout?: number | undefined;
                                          • Socket.io pingTimeout in ms, https://socket.io/docs/server-api/#new-Server-httpServer-options. Very slow networks may need values up to 60000. Larger values delay discovery of deadlock in tests or browser crashes. 5000

                                          property plugins

                                          plugins?: Array<PluginName | InlinePluginDef> | undefined;
                                          • ['karma-*'] List of plugins to load. A plugin can be a string (in which case it will be required by Karma) or an inlined plugin - Object. By default, Karma loads all sibling NPM modules which have a name starting with karma-*. Note: Just about all plugins in Karma require an additional library to be installed (via NPM).

                                          property port

                                          port?: number | undefined;
                                          • 9876 The port where the web server will be listening.

                                          property preprocessors

                                          preprocessors?: { [name: string]: string | string[] } | undefined;
                                          • {'**/*.coffee': 'coffee'} A map of preprocessors to use.

                                            Preprocessors can be loaded through [plugins].

                                            Note: Just about all preprocessors in Karma (other than CoffeeScript and some other defaults) require an additional library to be installed (via NPM).

                                            Be aware that preprocessors may be transforming the files and file types that are available at run time. For instance, if you are using the "coverage" preprocessor on your source files, if you then attempt to interactively debug your tests, you'll discover that your expected source code is completely changed from what you expected. Because of that, you'll want to engineer this so that your automated builds use the coverage entry in the "reporters" list, but your interactive debugging does not.

                                          property processKillTimeout

                                          processKillTimeout?: number | undefined;
                                          • How long will Karma wait for browser process to terminate before sending a SIGKILL signal 2000

                                          property protocol

                                          protocol?: string | undefined;
                                          • 'http:' Possible Values: http: https: Protocol used for running the Karma webserver. Determines the use of the Node http or https class. Note: Using 'https:' requires you to specify httpsServerOptions.

                                          property proxies

                                          proxies?: PathProxyPairs | undefined;
                                          • {} A map of path-proxy pairs The proxy can be specified directly by the target url or path, or with an object to configure more options

                                          property proxyReq

                                          | ((proxyReq: any, req: any, res: any, options: object) => void)
                                          | undefined;
                                          • Called when requesting Proxy undefined

                                          property proxyRes

                                          proxyRes?: ((proxyRes: any, req: any, res: any) => void) | undefined;
                                          • Called when respnsing Proxy undefined

                                          property proxyValidateSSL

                                          proxyValidateSSL?: boolean | undefined;
                                          • true Whether or not Karma or any browsers should raise an error when an inavlid SSL certificate is found.

                                          property reporters

                                          reporters?: string[] | undefined;
                                          • ['progress'] Possible Values: dots progress A list of reporters to use. Additional reporters, such as growl, junit, teamcity or coverage can be loaded through plugins. Note: Just about all additional reporters in Karma (other than progress) require an additional library to be installed (via NPM).

                                          property reportSlowerThan

                                          reportSlowerThan?: number | undefined;
                                          • 0 Karma will report all the tests that are slower than given time limit (in ms). This is disabled by default (since the default value is 0).

                                          property restartOnFileChange

                                          restartOnFileChange?: boolean | undefined;
                                          • When Karma is watching the files for changes, it will delay a new run until the current run is finished. Enabling this setting will cancel the current run and start a new run immediately when a change is detected.

                                          property retryLimit

                                          retryLimit?: number | undefined;
                                          • When a browser crashes, karma will try to relaunch. This defines how many times karma should relaunch a browser before giving up. 2

                                          property singleRun

                                          singleRun?: boolean | undefined;
                                          • false Continuous Integration mode. If true, Karma will start and capture all configured browsers, run tests and then exit with an exit code of 0 or 1 depending on whether all tests passed or any tests failed.

                                          property transports

                                          transports?: string[] | undefined;
                                          • ['polling', 'websocket'] An array of allowed transport methods between the browser and testing server. This configuration setting is handed off to [socket.io](http://socket.io/) (which manages the communication between browsers and the testing server).

                                          property upstreamProxy

                                          upstreamProxy?: UpstreamProxy | undefined;
                                          • For use when the Karma server needs to be run behind a proxy that changes the base url, etc

                                          property urlRoot

                                          urlRoot?: string | undefined;
                                          • '/' The base url, where Karma runs. All of Karma's urls get prefixed with the urlRoot. This is helpful when using proxies, as sometimes you might want to proxy a url that is already taken by Karma.

                                          interface CustomHeaders

                                          interface CustomHeaders {}

                                            property match

                                            match: string;
                                            • Regular expression string to match files

                                            property name

                                            name: string;
                                            • HTTP header name

                                            property value

                                            value: string;
                                            • HTTP header value

                                            interface CustomLauncher

                                            interface CustomLauncher {}

                                              property base

                                              base: string;

                                                property browserName

                                                browserName?: string | undefined;

                                                  property flags

                                                  flags?: string[] | undefined;

                                                    property platform

                                                    platform?: string | undefined;

                                                      interface FilePattern

                                                      interface FilePattern {}

                                                        property included

                                                        included?: boolean | undefined;
                                                        • true Should the files be included in the browser using tag? Use false if you want to load them manually, eg. using Require.js.

                                                        property nocache

                                                        nocache?: boolean | undefined;
                                                        • false Should the files be served from disk on each request by Karma's webserver?

                                                        property pattern

                                                        pattern: string;
                                                        • The pattern to use for matching.

                                                        property served

                                                        served?: boolean | undefined;
                                                        • true Should the files be served by Karma's webserver?

                                                        property type

                                                        type?: FilePatternTypes | undefined;
                                                        • Choose the type to use when including a file 'js' The type determines the mechanism for including the file. The css and html types create link elements; the js and module elements create script elements. The dom type includes the file content in the page, used, for example, to test components combining HTML and JS.

                                                        property watched

                                                        watched?: boolean | undefined;
                                                        • true If autoWatch is true all files that have set watched to true will be watched for changes.

                                                        interface PathProxyPairs

                                                        interface PathProxyPairs {}
                                                        • A map of path-proxy pairs.

                                                        index signature

                                                        [path: string]: string | ProxyOptions;

                                                          interface ProxyOptions

                                                          interface ProxyOptions {}

                                                            property changeOrigin

                                                            changeOrigin?: boolean | undefined;
                                                            • Whether or not the proxy should override the Host header using the host from the target false

                                                            property target

                                                            target: string;
                                                            • The target url or path (mandatory)

                                                            interface Runner

                                                            interface Runner {}

                                                              method run

                                                              run: {
                                                              (options?: Config, callback?: ServerCallback): void;
                                                              (options?: ConfigOptions | ConfigFile, callback?: ServerCallback): void;
                                                              • Deprecated

                                                              interface Stopper

                                                              interface Stopper {}

                                                                method stop

                                                                stop: {
                                                                (options?: Config, callback?: ServerCallback): void;
                                                                (options?: ConfigOptions, callback?: ServerCallback): void;
                                                                • This function will signal a running server to stop. The equivalent of karma stop.

                                                                • Deprecated

                                                                interface TestResults

                                                                interface TestResults {}

                                                                  property disconnected

                                                                  disconnected: boolean;

                                                                    property error

                                                                    error: boolean;

                                                                      property exitCode

                                                                      exitCode: number;

                                                                        property failed

                                                                        failed: number;

                                                                          property success

                                                                          success: number;

                                                                            interface UpstreamProxy

                                                                            interface UpstreamProxy {}
                                                                            • For use when the Karma server needs to be run behind a proxy that changes the base url, etc

                                                                            property hostname

                                                                            hostname?: string | undefined;
                                                                            • Will be used as the hostname when launching browsers 'localhost'

                                                                            property path

                                                                            path?: string | undefined;
                                                                            • Will be prepended to the base url when launching browsers and prepended to internal urls as loaded by the browsers '/'

                                                                            property port

                                                                            port?: number | undefined;
                                                                            • Will be used as the port when launching browsers 9875

                                                                            property protocol

                                                                            protocol?: string | undefined;
                                                                            • Will be used as the protocol when launching browsers 'http'

                                                                            Type Aliases

                                                                            type AutomatedBrowsers

                                                                            type AutomatedBrowsers =
                                                                            | 'Chrome'
                                                                            | 'ChromeCanary'
                                                                            | 'ChromeHeadless'
                                                                            | 'PhantomJS'
                                                                            | 'Firefox'
                                                                            | 'FirefoxHeadless'
                                                                            | 'FirefoxDeveloper'
                                                                            | 'FirefoxDeveloperHeadless'
                                                                            | 'FirefoxAurora'
                                                                            | 'FirefoxAuroraHeadless'
                                                                            | 'FirefoxNightly'
                                                                            | 'FirefoxNightlyHeadless'
                                                                            | 'Opera'
                                                                            | 'IE'
                                                                            | 'Safari';
                                                                            • Available browser launchers - Chrome - launcher requires karma-chrome-launcher plugin - ChromeCanary - launcher requires karma-chrome-launcher plugin - ChromeHeadless - launcher requires karma-chrome-launcher plugin - PhantomJS - launcher requires karma-phantomjs-launcher plugin - Firefox - launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin - FirefoxHeadless - launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin - FirefoxDeveloper - launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin - FirefoxDeveloperHeadless - launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin - FirefoxAurora - launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin - FirefoxAuroraHeadless - launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin - FirefoxNightly - launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin - FirefoxNightlyHeadless - launcher requires karma-firefox-launcher plugin - Opera - launcher requires karma-opera-launcher plugin - IE - launcher requires karma-ie-launcher plugin - Safari - launcher requires karma-safari-launcher plugin

                                                                            type ConstructorFn

                                                                            type ConstructorFn = Function | (new (...params: any[]) => any);

                                                                              type ConstructorFnType

                                                                              type ConstructorFnType = ['type', ConstructorFn];

                                                                                type FactoryFn

                                                                                type FactoryFn = (...params: any[]) => any;

                                                                                  type FactoryFnType

                                                                                  type FactoryFnType = ['factory', FactoryFn];

                                                                                    type FilePatternTypes

                                                                                    type FilePatternTypes = 'css' | 'html' | 'js' | 'module' | 'dom';
                                                                                    • type to use when including a file

                                                                                    type InlinePluginDef

                                                                                    type InlinePluginDef = Record<PluginName, InlinePluginType>;

                                                                                      type InlinePluginType

                                                                                      type InlinePluginType = FactoryFnType | ConstructorFnType | ValueType;

                                                                                        type PluginName

                                                                                        type PluginName = string;

                                                                                          type ServerCallback

                                                                                          type ServerCallback = (exitCode: number) => void;

                                                                                            type ValueType

                                                                                            type ValueType = ['value', any];


                                                                                              namespace config

                                                                                              namespace config {}

                                                                                                function parseConfig

                                                                                                parseConfig: {
                                                                                                (configFilePath: string, cliOptions: ConfigOptions): Config;
                                                                                                configFilePath: string,
                                                                                                cliOptions: ConfigOptions,
                                                                                                parseOptions?: ParseOptions & { promiseConfig: true }
                                                                                                ): Promise<Config>;
                                                                                                configFilePath: string,
                                                                                                cliOptions: ConfigOptions,
                                                                                                parseOptions?: ParseOptions
                                                                                                ): Config;

                                                                                                  namespace constants

                                                                                                  module 'lib/constants.d.ts' {}
                                                                                                  • The current version of karma

                                                                                                  variable COLOR_PATTERN

                                                                                                  const COLOR_PATTERN: string;
                                                                                                  • The default color pattern for log output

                                                                                                  variable CONSOLE_APPENDER

                                                                                                  const CONSOLE_APPENDER: { type: string; layout: { type: string; pattern: string } };
                                                                                                  • The default console appender

                                                                                                  variable DEFAULT_HOSTNAME

                                                                                                  const DEFAULT_HOSTNAME: string;
                                                                                                  • The default hostname used for the karma server

                                                                                                  variable DEFAULT_LISTEN_ADDR

                                                                                                  const DEFAULT_LISTEN_ADDR: string;
                                                                                                  • The default listen address used for the karma server

                                                                                                  variable DEFAULT_PORT

                                                                                                  const DEFAULT_PORT: string | number;
                                                                                                  • The default port used for the karma server

                                                                                                  variable EXIT_CODE

                                                                                                  const EXIT_CODE: string;
                                                                                                  • The exit code

                                                                                                  variable LOG_DEBUG

                                                                                                  const LOG_DEBUG: string;
                                                                                                  • The value for the log debug level

                                                                                                  variable LOG_DISABLE

                                                                                                  const LOG_DISABLE: string;
                                                                                                  • The value for disabling logs

                                                                                                  variable LOG_ERROR

                                                                                                  const LOG_ERROR: string;
                                                                                                  • The value for the log error level

                                                                                                  variable LOG_INFO

                                                                                                  const LOG_INFO: string;
                                                                                                  • The value for the log info level

                                                                                                  variable LOG_LOG

                                                                                                  const LOG_LOG: string;

                                                                                                    variable LOG_PRIORITIES

                                                                                                    const LOG_PRIORITIES: ['OFF', 'ERROR', 'WARN', 'LOG', 'INFO', 'DEBUG'];
                                                                                                    • An array of log levels in descending order, i.e. LOG_DISABLE, LOG_ERROR, LOG_WARN, LOG_LOG, LOG_INFO, and LOG_DEBUG

                                                                                                    variable LOG_WARN

                                                                                                    const LOG_WARN: string;
                                                                                                    • The value for the log warn level

                                                                                                    variable NO_COLOR_PATTERN

                                                                                                    const NO_COLOR_PATTERN: string;
                                                                                                    • The default pattern for log output without color

                                                                                                    variable VERSION

                                                                                                    const VERSION: string;
                                                                                                    • The current version of karma

                                                                                                    namespace launcher

                                                                                                    namespace launcher {}

                                                                                                      class Launcher

                                                                                                      class Launcher {}


                                                                                                        constructor(emitter: NodeJS.EventEmitter, injector: any);

                                                                                                          method areAllCaptured

                                                                                                          areAllCaptured: () => boolean;

                                                                                                            method generateId

                                                                                                            static generateId: () => string;

                                                                                                              method kill

                                                                                                              kill: (id: string, callback: () => void) => boolean;

                                                                                                                method killAll

                                                                                                                killAll: (callback: () => void) => void;

                                                                                                                  method launch

                                                                                                                  launch: (
                                                                                                                  names: string[],
                                                                                                                  protocol: string,
                                                                                                                  hostname: string,
                                                                                                                  port: number,
                                                                                                                  urlRoot: string
                                                                                                                  ) => any[];

                                                                                                                    method markCaptured

                                                                                                                    markCaptured: (id: string) => void;

                                                                                                                      method restart

                                                                                                                      restart: (id: string) => boolean;

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