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npm i @types/karma-coverage-istanbul-reporter
yarn add @types/karma-coverage-istanbul-reporter
pnpm add @types/karma-coverage-istanbul-reporter


TypeScript definitions for karma-coverage-istanbul-reporter



interface CoverageIstanbulReporter

interface CoverageIstanbulReporter {}

property "report-config"

readonly 'report-config'?: any;
  • Most reporters accept additional config options. You can pass these through the report-config option.

property combineBrowserReports

readonly combineBrowserReports?: boolean | undefined;
  • Combines coverage information from multiple browsers into one report rather than outputting a report for each browser

property dir

readonly dir?: string | undefined;
  • Base output directory. If you include %browser% in the path it will be replaced with the karma browser name.

property fixWebpackSourcePaths

readonly fixWebpackSourcePaths?: boolean | undefined;
  • if using webpack and pre-loaders, work around webpack breaking the source path.

property instrumentation

readonly instrumentation?: any;
  • instrumentation is used to configure Istanbul API package.

property reports

readonly reports?: string[] | undefined;
  • Reports can be any that are listed .

property skipFilesWithNoCoverage

readonly skipFilesWithNoCoverage?: boolean | undefined;
  • Omit files with no statements, no functions and no branches from the report.

property thresholds

readonly thresholds?: ThresholdConfig | undefined;
  • Enforce percentage thresholds. Anything under these percentages will cause karma to fail with an exit code of 1 if not running in watch mode.

property verbose

readonly verbose?: boolean | undefined;
  • Output config used by istanbul for debugging.

interface Threshold

interface Threshold {}

    property branches

    readonly branches?: number | undefined;
    • 0

    property functions

    readonly functions?: number | undefined;
    • 0

    property lines

    readonly lines?: number | undefined;
    • 0

    property statements

    readonly statements?: number | undefined;
    • 0

    interface ThresholdConfig

    interface ThresholdConfig {}

      property each

      readonly each?: ThresholdsEach | undefined;
      • Thresholds per file.

      property emitWarning

      readonly emitWarning?: boolean | undefined;
      • Set to true to not fail the test command when thresholds are not met. false

      property global

      readonly global?: Threshold | undefined;
      • Thresholds for all files.

      interface ThresholdsEach

      interface ThresholdsEach extends Threshold {}

        property overrides

        readonly overrides?: { [key: string]: Threshold } | undefined;
        • {}

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