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npm i @types/katex
yarn add @types/katex
pnpm add @types/katex


TypeScript definitions for KaTeX



class katex

class katex {}

    property ParseError

    static ParseError: typeof ParseError;
    • KaTeX error, usually during parsing.

    method render

    static render: (
    tex: string,
    element: HTMLElement,
    options?: KatexOptions
    ) => void;
    • Renders a TeX expression into the specified DOM element

      Parameter tex

      A TeX expression

      Parameter element

      The DOM element to render into

      Parameter options

      KaTeX options

    method renderToString

    static renderToString: (tex: string, options?: KatexOptions) => string;
    • Renders a TeX expression into an HTML string

      Parameter tex

      A TeX expression

      Parameter options

      KaTeX options

    class ParseError

    class ParseError implements Error {}


      constructor(message: string, lexer: any, position: number);

        property message

        message: string;

          property name

          name: string;

            property position

            position: number;


              interface KatexOptions

              interface KatexOptions {}
              • Documentation: https://katex.org/docs/options.html

              property colorIsTextColor

              colorIsTextColor?: boolean | undefined;
              • If true, \color will work like LaTeX's \textcolor and takes 2 arguments

                If false, \color will work like LaTeX's \color and takes 1 argument

                In both cases, \textcolor works as in LaTeX


              property displayMode

              displayMode?: boolean | undefined;
              • If true, math will be rendered in display mode (math in display style and center math on page)

                If false, math will be rendered in inline mode false

              property errorColor

              errorColor?: string | undefined;
              • A Color string given in format #XXX or #XXXXXX

              property fleqn

              fleqn?: boolean | undefined;
              • If true, display math renders flush left with a 2em left margin, like \documentclass[fleqn] in LaTeX with the amsmath package.


              property globalGroup

              globalGroup?: boolean | undefined;
              • Place KaTeX code in the global group.


              property leqno

              leqno?: boolean | undefined;
              • If true, display math has \tags rendered on the left instead of the right, like \usepackage[leqno]{amsmath} in LaTeX.


              property macros

              macros?: any;
              • A collection of custom macros.

                See src/macros.js for its usage

              property maxExpand

              maxExpand?: number | undefined;
              • Limit the number of macro expansions to specified number

                If set to Infinity, marco expander will try to fully expand as in LaTex


              property maxSize

              maxSize?: number | undefined;
              • All user-specified sizes will be caped to maxSize ems

                If set to Infinity, users can make elements and space arbitrarily large


              property minRuleThickness

              minRuleThickness?: number | undefined;
              • Specifies a minimum thickness, in ems, for fraction lines, \sqrt top lines, {array} vertical lines, \hline, \hdashline, \underline, \overline, and the borders of \fbox, \boxed, and \fcolorbox.

              property output

              output?: 'html' | 'mathml' | 'htmlAndMathml' | undefined;
              • Determines the markup language of the output. The valid choices are: - html: Outputs KaTeX in HTML only. - mathml: Outputs KaTeX in MathML only. - htmlAndMathml: Outputs HTML for visual rendering and includes MathML for accessibility.


              property strict

              strict?: boolean | string | Function | undefined;
              • If false or "ignore", allow features that make writing in LaTex convenient but not supported by LaTex

                If true or "error", throw an error for such transgressions

                If "warn", warn about behavior via console.warn


              property throwOnError

              throwOnError?: boolean | undefined;
              • If true, KaTeX will throw a ParseError when it encounters an unsupported command or invalid LaTex

                If false, KaTeX will render unsupported commands as text, and render invalid LaTeX as its source code with hover text giving the error, in color given by errorColor true

              property trust

              trust?: boolean | ((context: TrustContext) => boolean) | undefined;
              • If false (do not trust input), prevent any commands that could enable adverse behavior, rendering them instead in errorColor.

                If true (trust input), allow all such commands.


              interface TrustContext

              interface TrustContext {}

                property command

                command: string;

                  property protocol

                  protocol: string;

                    property url

                    url: string;

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