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npm i @types/loader-utils
yarn add @types/loader-utils
pnpm add @types/loader-utils


TypeScript definitions for loader-utils



function getCurrentRequest

getCurrentRequest: (loaderContext: any) => string;

    function getHashDigest

    getHashDigest: (
    buffer: any,
    hashType: HashType,
    digestType: DigestType,
    maxLength: number
    ) => string;
    • Parameter buffer

      Parameter hashType

      Parameter digestType

      Parameter maxLength

    function getOptions

    getOptions: (loaderContext: any) => Readonly<OptionObject>;

    function getRemainingRequest

    getRemainingRequest: (loaderContext: any) => string;

      function interpolateName

      interpolateName: (loaderContext: any, name: string, options?: any) => string;

      function isUrlRequest

      isUrlRequest: (url: string, root?: string) => boolean;

        function parseQuery

        parseQuery: (optionString: string) => OptionObject;

        function parseString

        parseString: (str: string) => string;

          function stringifyRequest

          stringifyRequest: (loaderContext: any, resource: string) => string;

          function urlToRequest

          urlToRequest: (url: string, root?: string) => string;


          interface InterpolateOption

          interface InterpolateOption {}

            property content

            content?: string | Buffer | undefined;

              property context

              context?: string | undefined;

                property regExp

                regExp?: string | RegExp | undefined;

                  interface OptionObject

                  interface OptionObject {}

                    index signature

                    [key: string]: null | false | true | string;

                      Type Aliases

                      type DigestType

                      type DigestType =
                      | 'hex'
                      | 'base26'
                      | 'base32'
                      | 'base36'
                      | 'base49'
                      | 'base52'
                      | 'base58'
                      | 'base62'
                      | 'base64';

                        type HashType

                        type HashType = 'sha1' | 'md4' | 'md5' | 'sha256' | 'sha512';

                          type Readonly

                          type Readonly<T> = {
                          readonly [P in keyof T]: T[P];

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