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npm i @types/minimatch
yarn add @types/minimatch
pnpm add @types/minimatch


TypeScript definitions for Minimatch



variable Minimatch

let Minimatch: IMinimatchStatic;


    function filter

    filter: (
    pattern: string,
    options?: IOptions
    ) => (element: string, indexed: number, array: ReadonlyArray<string>) => boolean;
    • Returns a function that tests its supplied argument, suitable for use with Array.filter

    function M

    M: typeof M;
    • Tests a path against the pattern using the options.

    function makeRe

    makeRe: (pattern: string, options?: IOptions) => RegExp;
    • Make a regular expression object from the pattern.

    function match

    match: (
    list: ReadonlyArray<string>,
    pattern: string,
    options?: IOptions
    ) => string[];
    • Match against the list of files, in the style of fnmatch or glob. If nothing is matched, and options.nonull is set, then return a list containing the pattern itself.


    interface IMinimatch

    interface IMinimatch {}

      property comment

      comment: boolean;
      • True if the pattern is a comment.

      property empty

      empty: boolean;
      • True if the pattern is ""

      property negate

      negate: boolean;
      • True if the pattern is negated.

      property options

      options: IOptions;
      • The options supplied to the constructor.

      property pattern

      pattern: string;
      • The original pattern the minimatch object represents.

      property regexp

      regexp: RegExp;
      • A single regular expression expressing the entire pattern. Created by the makeRe method.

      property set

      set: any[][];
      • A 2-dimensional array of regexp or string expressions.

      method braceExpand

      braceExpand: (pattern: string, options: IOptions) => void;
      • @deprecated. For internal use.

      method debug

      debug: () => void;
      • @deprecated. For internal use.

      method make

      make: () => void;
      • @deprecated. For internal use.

      method makeRe

      makeRe: () => RegExp;
      • Generate the regexp member if necessary, and return it. Will return false if the pattern is invalid.

      method match

      match: (fname: string) => boolean;
      • Return true if the filename matches the pattern, or false otherwise.

      method matchOne

      matchOne: (files: string[], pattern: string[], partial: boolean) => boolean;
      • Take a /-split filename, and match it against a single row in the regExpSet. This method is mainly for internal use, but is exposed so that it can be used by a glob-walker that needs to avoid excessive filesystem calls.

      method parse

      parse: (pattern: string, isSub?: boolean) => void;
      • @deprecated. For internal use.

      method parseNegate

      parseNegate: () => void;
      • @deprecated. For internal use.

      interface IMinimatchStatic

      interface IMinimatchStatic {}

        property prototype

        prototype: IMinimatch;

          construct signature

          new (pattern: string, options?: IOptions): IMinimatch;

            interface IOptions

            interface IOptions {}

              property debug

              debug?: boolean | undefined;
              • Dump a ton of stuff to stderr.


              property dot

              dot?: boolean | undefined;
              • Allow patterns to match filenames starting with a period, even if the pattern does not explicitly have a period in that spot.


              property flipNegate

              flipNegate?: boolean | undefined;
              • Returns from negate expressions the same as if they were not negated. (Ie, true on a hit, false on a miss.)


              property matchBase

              matchBase?: boolean | undefined;
              • If set, then patterns without slashes will be matched against the basename of the path if it contains slashes.


              property nobrace

              nobrace?: boolean | undefined;
              • Do not expand {a,b} and {1..3} brace sets.


              property nocase

              nocase?: boolean | undefined;
              • Perform a case-insensitive match.


              property nocomment

              nocomment?: boolean | undefined;
              • Suppress the behavior of treating # at the start of a pattern as a comment.


              property noext

              noext?: boolean | undefined;
              • Disable "extglob" style patterns like +(a|b).


              property noglobstar

              noglobstar?: boolean | undefined;
              • Disable ** matching against multiple folder names.


              property nonegate

              nonegate?: boolean | undefined;
              • Suppress the behavior of treating a leading ! character as negation.


              property nonull

              nonull?: boolean | undefined;
              • When a match is not found by minimatch.match, return a list containing the pattern itself if this option is set. Otherwise, an empty list is returned if there are no matches.


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