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npm i @types/move-concurrently
yarn add @types/move-concurrently
pnpm add @types/move-concurrently


TypeScript definitions for move-concurrently



function move

move: <T extends PromiseLike<void> = Promise<void>>(
from: string,
to: string,
opts?: move.Options<T>
) => T;
  • Recursively moves from to to and resolves its promise when finished. If to already exists then the promise will be rejected with an EEXIST error.


interface Options

interface Options<T extends PromiseLike<void> = Promise<void>> {}

    property fs

    fs?: any;
    • (Default: require('fs')) The filesystem module to use. Can be used to use graceful-fs or to inject a mock.

    property getuid

    getuid?: any;
    • (Default: process.getuid) A function that returns the current UID. Used to inject a mock.

    property isWindows

    isWindows?: boolean | undefined;
    • (Default: process.platform === 'win32') If true enables Windows symlink semantics. This requires an extra stat to determine if the destination of a symlink is a file or directory. If symlinking a directory fails then we'll try making a junction instead.

    property maxConcurrency

    maxConcurrency?: number | undefined;
    • (Default: 1) The maximum number of concurrent copies to do at once.

    property Promise

    Promise?: (new (...args: any[]) => T | undefined) | undefined;
    • (Default: global.Promise) The promise implementation to use, defaults to Node's.

    property writeStreamAtomic

    writeStreamAtomic?: any;
    • (Default: require('fs-write-stream-atomic')) The implementation of writeStreamAtomic to use. Used to inject a mock.

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