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npm i @types/object.omit
yarn add @types/object.omit
pnpm add @types/object.omit


TypeScript definitions for object.omit




function omit

omit: {
<GObject extends object, GKey extends keyof GObject>(
object: GObject,
key: GKey | GKey[]
): Omit<GObject, GKey>;
<GObject extends object, GKey extends keyof GObject>(
object: GObject,
fn: (value: GObject[GKey], key: GKey, obj: GObject) => boolean
): { [key: string]: any };
  • Return a copy of an object excluding the given key, or array of keys. Also accepts an optional filter function as the last argument."

    omit({a: 'a', b: 'b', c: 'c'}, ['a', 'c'])
    //=> { b: 'b' }

    Parameter object

    Parameter keys

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