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npm i @types/optimize-css-assets-webpack-plugin
yarn add @types/optimize-css-assets-webpack-plugin
pnpm add @types/optimize-css-assets-webpack-plugin


TypeScript definitions for optimize-css-assets-webpack-plugin



class OptimizeCssAssetsPlugin

class OptimizeCssAssetsPlugin implements Plugin {}


    constructor(options?: OptimizeCssAssetsPlugin.Options);

      method apply

      apply: (compiler: Compiler) => void;


        interface Options

        interface Options {}

          property assetNameRegExp

          assetNameRegExp?: RegExp | undefined;
          • A regular expression that indicates the names of the assets that should be optimized \ minimized. The regular expression provided is run against the filenames of the files exported by the ExtractTextPlugin instances in your configuration, not the filenames of your source CSS files


          property canPrint

          canPrint?: boolean | undefined;
          • A boolean indicating if the plugin can print messages to the console.


          property cssProcessor

          | {
          process: (css: string, options?: object) => PromiseLike<any>;
          | undefined;
          • The CSS processor used to optimize \ minimize the CSS. This should be a function that follows cssnano.process interface (receives a CSS and options parameters and returns a Promise).


          property cssProcessorOptions

          cssProcessorOptions?: object | undefined;
          • The options passed to the cssProcessor.


          property cssProcessorPluginOptions

          cssProcessorPluginOptions?: object | undefined;
          • The plugin options passed to the cssProcessor.


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