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npm i @types/pretty-quick
yarn add @types/pretty-quick
pnpm add @types/pretty-quick


TypeScript definitions for pretty-quick



function prettyQuick

prettyQuick: (
currentDirectory: string,
options?: prettyQuick.Options
) => prettyQuick.Results;
  • Runs Prettier on your changed files. Supported source control managers: * Git * Mercurial


interface Options

interface Options {}

    property bail

    bail?: boolean | undefined;

      property branch

      branch?: string | undefined;
      • 'master' | 'default'

      property check

      check?: boolean | undefined;

        property config

        config?: ResolveConfigOptions | undefined;

          property ignorePath

          ignorePath?: string | undefined;

            property onCheckFile

            onCheckFile?: ((file: string, isFormatted: boolean) => void) | undefined;

              property onExamineFile

              onExamineFile?: ((file: string) => void) | undefined;

                property onFoundChangedFiles

                onFoundChangedFiles?: ((changedFiles: string[]) => void) | undefined;

                  property onFoundSinceRevision

                  onFoundSinceRevision?: ((name: string, revision: string) => void) | undefined;

                    property onPartiallyStagedFile

                    onPartiallyStagedFile?: ((file: string) => void) | undefined;

                      property onWriteFile

                      onWriteFile?: ((file: string) => void) | undefined;

                        property pattern

                        pattern?: string | string[] | undefined;

                          property restage

                          restage?: boolean | undefined;
                          • true

                          property since

                          since?: string | undefined;

                            property staged

                            staged?: boolean | undefined;
                            • false

                            property verbose

                            verbose?: boolean | undefined;

                              index signature

                              [key: string]: any;

                                interface Results

                                interface Results {}

                                  property errors

                                  readonly errors: string[];

                                    property success

                                    readonly success: boolean;

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