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npm i @types/prismjs
yarn add @types/prismjs
pnpm add @types/prismjs


TypeScript definitions for prismjs



variable disableWorkerMessageHandler

let disableWorkerMessageHandler: boolean;
  • By default, if Prism is in a web worker, it assumes that it is in a worker it created itself, so it uses addEventListener to communicate with its parent instance. However, if you're using Prism manually in your own worker, you don't want it to do this.

    By setting this value to true, Prism will not add its own listeners to the worker.

    You obviously have to change this value before Prism executes. To do this, you can add an empty Prism object into the global scope before loading the Prism script like this:


variable languages

const languages: Languages;

    variable manual

    let manual: boolean;
    • By default, Prism will attempt to highlight all code elements (by calling Prism.highlightAll) on the current page after the page finished loading. This might be a problem if e.g. you wanted to asynchronously load additional languages or plugins yourself.

      By setting this value to true, Prism will not automatically highlight all code elements on the page.

      You obviously have to change this value before the automatic highlighting started. To do this, you can add an empty Prism object into the global scope before loading the Prism script like this:


    variable plugins

    const plugins: Record<string, any>;


      function highlight

      highlight: (text: string, grammar: Grammar, language: string) => string;
      • Low-level function, only use if you know what you’re doing. It accepts a string of text as input and the language definitions to use, and returns a string with the HTML produced.

        The following hooks will be run: 1. before-tokenize 2. after-tokenize 3. wrap: On each Prism.Token.

        Parameter text

        A string with the code to be highlighted.

        Parameter grammar

        An object containing the tokens to use.

        Usually a language definition like Prism.languages.markup.

        Parameter language

        The name of the language definition passed to grammar.


        The highlighted HTML.

        Example 1

        Prism.highlight('var foo = true;', Prism.languages.js, 'js');

      function highlightAll

      highlightAll: (async?: boolean, callback?: HighlightCallback) => void;
      • This is the most high-level function in Prism’s API. It fetches all the elements that have a .language-xxxx class and then calls Prism.highlightElement on each one of them.

        This is equivalent to Prism.highlightAllUnder(document, async, callback).

        Parameter async

        Same as in Prism.highlightAllUnder.

        Parameter callback

        Same as in Prism.highlightAllUnder.

      function highlightAllUnder

      highlightAllUnder: (
      container: ParentNode,
      async?: boolean,
      callback?: HighlightCallback
      ) => void;
      • Fetches all the descendants of container that have a .language-xxxx class and then calls Prism.highlightElement on each one of them.

        The following hooks will be run: 1. before-highlightall 2. All hooks of Prism.highlightElement for each element.

        Parameter container

        The root element, whose descendants that have a .language-xxxx class will be highlighted.

        Parameter async

        Whether each element is to be highlighted asynchronously using Web Workers.

        Parameter callback

        An optional callback to be invoked on each element after its highlighting is done.

      function highlightElement

      highlightElement: (
      element: Element,
      async?: boolean,
      callback?: HighlightCallback
      ) => void;
      • Highlights the code inside a single element.

        The following hooks will be run: 1. before-sanity-check 2. before-highlight 3. All hooks of Prism.highlightElement. These hooks will only be run by the current worker if async is true. 4. before-insert 5. after-highlight 6. complete

        Parameter element

        The element containing the code. It must have a class of language-xxxx to be processed, where xxxx is a valid language identifier.

        Parameter async

        Whether the element is to be highlighted asynchronously using Web Workers to improve performance and avoid blocking the UI when highlighting very large chunks of code. This option is [disabled by default](https://prismjs.com/faq.html#why-is-asynchronous-highlighting-disabled-by-default).

        Note: All language definitions required to highlight the code must be included in the main prism.js file for asynchronous highlighting to work. You can build your own bundle on the [Download page](https://prismjs.com/download.html).

        Parameter callback

        An optional callback to be invoked after the highlighting is done. Mostly useful when async is true, since in that case, the highlighting is done asynchronously.

      function tokenize

      tokenize: (text: string, grammar: Grammar) => Array<string | Token>;
      • This is the heart of Prism, and the most low-level function you can use. It accepts a string of text as input and the language definitions to use, and returns an array with the tokenized code.

        When the language definition includes nested tokens, the function is called recursively on each of these tokens.

        This method could be useful in other contexts as well, as a very crude parser.

        Parameter text

        A string with the code to be highlighted.

        Parameter grammar

        An object containing the tokens to use.

        Usually a language definition like Prism.languages.markup.


        An array of strings, tokens and other arrays.


      class Token

      class Token {}


        type: string,
        content: TokenStream,
        alias?: string | string[],
        matchedStr?: string,
        greedy?: boolean
        • Creates a new token.

          Parameter type


          Parameter content


          Parameter alias

          The alias(es) of the token.

          Parameter matchedStr

          A copy of the full string this token was created from.

          Parameter greedy


        property alias

        alias: string | string[];
        • The alias(es) of the token.

          See Also

          • TokenObject

        property content

        content: TokenStream;
        • The strings or tokens contained by this token.

          This will be a token stream if the pattern matched also defined an inside grammar.

        property greedy

        greedy: boolean;
        • Whether the pattern that created this token is greedy or not.

          See Also

          • TokenObject

        property length

        length: number;
        • The length of the matched string or 0.

        property type

        type: string;
        • The type of the token.

          This is usually the key of a pattern in a Grammar.

        method stringify

        static stringify: (
        token: TokenStream,
        language: string,
        parent?: Array<string | Token>
        ) => string;
        • Converts the given token or token stream to an HTML representation.

          The following hooks will be run: 1. wrap: On each Prism.Token.

          Parameter token

          The token or token stream to be converted.

          Parameter language

          The name of current language.

          Parameter parent

          The parent token stream, if any. The HTML representation of the token or token stream.


        interface Environment

        interface Environment extends Record<string, any> {}

          property attributes

          attributes?: Record<string, string> | undefined;

            property classes

            classes?: string[] | undefined;

              property code

              code?: string | undefined;

                property content

                content?: string | undefined;

                  property element

                  element?: Element | undefined;

                    property grammar

                    grammar?: Grammar | undefined;

                      property highlightedCode

                      highlightedCode?: string | undefined;

                        property language

                        language?: string | undefined;

                          property parent

                          parent?: Array<string | Token> | undefined;

                            property selector

                            selector?: string | undefined;

                              property tag

                              tag?: string | undefined;

                                property type

                                type?: string | undefined;

                                  interface GrammarRest

                                  interface GrammarRest {}

                                    property "class-name"

                                    'class-name'?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                      property atrule

                                      atrule?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                        property boolean

                                        boolean?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                          property comment

                                          comment?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                            property function

                                            function?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                              property important

                                              important?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                                property keyword

                                                keyword?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                                  property number

                                                  number?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                                    property operator

                                                    operator?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                                      property property

                                                      property?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                                        property punctuation

                                                        punctuation?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                                          property rest

                                                          rest?: Grammar | undefined;
                                                          • An optional grammar object that will appended to this grammar.

                                                          property selector

                                                          selector?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                                            property string

                                                            string?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                                              property style

                                                              style?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                                                property url

                                                                url?: GrammarValue | undefined;

                                                                  interface LanguageMap

                                                                  interface LanguageMap {}

                                                                    index signature

                                                                    [language: string]: Grammar;
                                                                    • Get a defined language's definition.

                                                                    interface LanguageMapProtocol

                                                                    interface LanguageMapProtocol {}

                                                                      method extend

                                                                      extend: (id: string, redef: Grammar) => Grammar;
                                                                      • Creates a deep copy of the language with the given id and appends the given tokens.

                                                                        If a token in redef also appears in the copied language, then the existing token in the copied language will be overwritten at its original position.

                                                                        Parameter id

                                                                        The id of the language to extend. This has to be a key in Prism.languages.

                                                                        Parameter redef

                                                                        The new tokens to append.


                                                                        The new language created.

                                                                        Example 1

                                                                        Prism.languages['css-with-colors'] = Prism.languages.extend('css', { 'color': /\b(?:red|green|blue)\b/ });

                                                                      method insertBefore

                                                                      insertBefore: (
                                                                      inside: string,
                                                                      before: string,
                                                                      insert: Grammar,
                                                                      root?: LanguageMap
                                                                      ) => Grammar;
                                                                      • Inserts tokens _before_ another token in a language definition or any other grammar.

                                                                        As this needs to recreate the object (we cannot actually insert before keys in object literals), we cannot just provide an object, we need an object and a key.

                                                                        If the grammar of inside and insert have tokens with the same name, the tokens in inside will be ignored.

                                                                        All references of the old object accessible from Prism.languages or insert will be replace with the new one.

                                                                        Parameter inside

                                                                        The property of root that contains the object to be modified.

                                                                        This is usually a language id.

                                                                        Parameter before

                                                                        The key to insert before.

                                                                        Parameter insert

                                                                        An object containing the key-value pairs to be inserted.

                                                                        Parameter root

                                                                        The object containing inside, i.e. the object that contains the object that will be modified.

                                                                        Defaults to Prism.languages.


                                                                        The new grammar created.

                                                                        Example 1

                                                                        Prism.languages.insertBefore('markup', 'cdata', { 'style': { ... } });

                                                                      interface TokenObject

                                                                      interface TokenObject {}
                                                                      • The expansion of a simple RegExp literal to support additional properties.

                                                                      property alias

                                                                      alias?: string | string[] | undefined;
                                                                      • An optional alias or list of aliases.

                                                                      property greedy

                                                                      greedy?: boolean | undefined;
                                                                      • Whether the token is greedy.


                                                                      property inside

                                                                      inside?: Grammar | undefined;
                                                                      • The nested tokens of this token.

                                                                        This can be used for recursive language definitions.

                                                                        Note that this can cause infinite recursion.

                                                                      property lookbehind

                                                                      lookbehind?: boolean | undefined;
                                                                      • If true, then the first capturing group of pattern will (effectively) behave as a lookbehind group meaning that the captured text will not be part of the matched text of the new token.

                                                                      property pattern

                                                                      pattern: RegExp;
                                                                      • The regular expression of the token.

                                                                      Type Aliases

                                                                      type Grammar

                                                                      type Grammar = GrammarRest | Record<string, GrammarValue>;

                                                                        type GrammarValue

                                                                        type GrammarValue = RegExp | TokenObject | Array<RegExp | TokenObject>;

                                                                          type HighlightCallback

                                                                          type HighlightCallback = (element: Element) => void;
                                                                          • A function which will be invoked after an element was successfully highlighted.

                                                                            Parameter element

                                                                            The element successfully highlighted.

                                                                          type Languages

                                                                          type Languages = LanguageMapProtocol & LanguageMap;

                                                                            type TokenStream

                                                                            type TokenStream = string | Token | Array<string | Token>;


                                                                              namespace hooks

                                                                              namespace hooks {}

                                                                                variable all

                                                                                const all: RegisteredHooks;

                                                                                  function add

                                                                                  add: {
                                                                                  <K extends keyof HookEnvironmentMap>(
                                                                                  name: K,
                                                                                  callback: (env: HookEnvironmentMap[K]) => void
                                                                                  ): void;
                                                                                  (name: string, callback: HookCallback): void;
                                                                                  • Adds the given callback to the list of callbacks for the given hook.

                                                                                    The callback will be invoked when the hook it is registered for is run. Hooks are usually directly run by a highlight function but you can also run hooks yourself.

                                                                                    One callback function can be registered to multiple hooks and the same hook multiple times.

                                                                                    Parameter name

                                                                                    The name of the hook.

                                                                                    Parameter callback

                                                                                    The callback function which is given environment variables.

                                                                                  function run

                                                                                  run: {
                                                                                  <K extends keyof HookEnvironmentMap>(name: K, env: HookEnvironmentMap[K]): void;
                                                                                  (name: string, env: Environment): void;
                                                                                  • Runs a hook invoking all registered callbacks with the given environment variables.

                                                                                    Callbacks will be invoked synchronously and in the order in which they were registered.

                                                                                    Parameter name

                                                                                    The name of the hook.

                                                                                    Parameter env

                                                                                    The environment variables of the hook passed to all callbacks registered.

                                                                                  interface HookEnvironmentMap

                                                                                  interface HookEnvironmentMap {}

                                                                                    property "after-highlight"

                                                                                    'after-highlight': ElementHighlightedEnvironment;

                                                                                      property "after-tokenize"

                                                                                      'after-tokenize': TokenizeEnvironment;

                                                                                        property "before-highlight"

                                                                                        'before-highlight': ElementEnvironment;

                                                                                          property "before-highlightall"

                                                                                          'before-highlightall': RequiredEnvironment<'selector'>;

                                                                                            property "before-insert"

                                                                                            'before-insert': ElementHighlightedEnvironment;

                                                                                              property "before-sanity-check"

                                                                                              'before-sanity-check': ElementEnvironment;

                                                                                                property "before-tokenize"

                                                                                                'before-tokenize': TokenizeEnvironment;

                                                                                                  property complete

                                                                                                  complete: ElementHighlightedEnvironment;

                                                                                                    property wrap

                                                                                                    wrap: RequiredEnvironment<
                                                                                                    'type' | 'content' | 'tag' | 'classes' | 'attributes' | 'language'

                                                                                                      interface RegisteredHooks

                                                                                                      interface RegisteredHooks {}

                                                                                                        index signature

                                                                                                        [hook: string]: HookCallback[];

                                                                                                          type ElementEnvironment

                                                                                                          type ElementEnvironment = RequiredEnvironment<
                                                                                                          'element' | 'language' | 'grammar' | 'code'

                                                                                                            type ElementHighlightedEnvironment

                                                                                                            type ElementHighlightedEnvironment = RequiredEnvironment<

                                                                                                              type HookCallback

                                                                                                              type HookCallback = (env: Environment) => void;
                                                                                                              • Parameter env

                                                                                                                The environment variables of the hook.

                                                                                                              type HookTypes

                                                                                                              type HookTypes = keyof HookEnvironmentMap;

                                                                                                                type RequiredEnvironment

                                                                                                                type RequiredEnvironment<
                                                                                                                T extends keyof Environment,
                                                                                                                U extends Environment = Environment
                                                                                                                > = U & Required<Pick<U, T>>;

                                                                                                                  type TokenizeEnvironment

                                                                                                                  type TokenizeEnvironment = RequiredEnvironment<'code' | 'grammar' | 'language'>;

                                                                                                                    namespace util

                                                                                                                    namespace util {}

                                                                                                                      function clone

                                                                                                                      clone: <T>(o: T) => T;
                                                                                                                      • Deep clone a language definition (e.g. to extend it)

                                                                                                                      function encode

                                                                                                                      encode: (tokens: TokenStream) => TokenStream;
                                                                                                                      • Encode raw strings in tokens in preparation to display as HTML

                                                                                                                      function objId

                                                                                                                      objId: (obj: any) => Identifier;
                                                                                                                      • Get the unique id of this object or give it one if it does not have one

                                                                                                                      function type

                                                                                                                      type: {
                                                                                                                      (o: null): 'Null';
                                                                                                                      (o: undefined): 'Undefined';
                                                                                                                      (o: boolean | Boolean): 'Boolean';
                                                                                                                      (o: number | Number): 'Number';
                                                                                                                      (o: string | String): 'String';
                                                                                                                      (o: Function): 'Function';
                                                                                                                      (o: RegExp): 'RegExp';
                                                                                                                      (o: any[]): 'Array';
                                                                                                                      (o: any): string;
                                                                                                                      • Determine the type of the object

                                                                                                                      interface Identifier

                                                                                                                      interface Identifier {}

                                                                                                                        property value

                                                                                                                        value: number;

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