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npm i @types/prop-types
yarn add @types/prop-types
pnpm add @types/prop-types


TypeScript definitions for prop-types



variable any

const any: Requireable<any>;

    variable array

    const array: Requireable<any[]>;

      variable bool

      const bool: Requireable<boolean>;

        variable element

        const element: Requireable<ReactElementLike>;

          variable elementType

          const elementType: Requireable<ReactComponentLike>;

            variable func

            const func: Requireable<(...args: any[]) => any>;

              variable node

              const node: Requireable<ReactNodeLike>;

                variable nominalTypeHack

                const nominalTypeHack: Symbol;

                  variable number

                  const number: Requireable<number>;

                    variable object

                    const object: Requireable<object>;

                      variable string

                      const string: Requireable<string>;

                        variable symbol

                        const symbol: Requireable<symbol>;


                          function arrayOf

                          arrayOf: <T>(type: Validator<T>) => Requireable<T[]>;

                            function checkPropTypes

                            checkPropTypes: (
                            typeSpecs: any,
                            values: any,
                            location: string,
                            componentName: string,
                            getStack?: () => any
                            ) => void;
                            • Assert that the values match with the type specs. Error messages are memorized and will only be shown once.

                              Parameter typeSpecs

                              Map of name to a ReactPropType

                              Parameter values

                              Runtime values that need to be type-checked

                              Parameter location

                              e.g. "prop", "context", "child context"

                              Parameter componentName

                              Name of the component for error messages

                              Parameter getStack

                              Returns the component stack

                            function exact

                            exact: <P extends ValidationMap<any>>(
                            type: P
                            ) => Requireable<Required<InferProps<P>>>;

                              function instanceOf

                              instanceOf: <T>(expectedClass: new (...args: any[]) => T) => Requireable<T>;

                                function objectOf

                                objectOf: <T>(type: Validator<T>) => Requireable<{ [x: string]: T }>;

                                  function oneOf

                                  oneOf: <T>(types: readonly T[]) => Requireable<T>;

                                    function oneOfType

                                    oneOfType: <T extends Validator<any>>(
                                    types: T[]
                                    ) => Requireable<NonNullable<InferType<T>>>;

                                      function resetWarningCache

                                      resetWarningCache: () => void;
                                      • Only available if NODE_ENV=production

                                      function shape

                                      shape: <P extends ValidationMap<any>>(type: P) => Requireable<InferProps<P>>;


                                        interface ReactElementLike

                                        interface ReactElementLike {}

                                          property key

                                          key: string | null;

                                            property props

                                            props: any;

                                              property type

                                              type: ReactComponentLike;

                                                interface ReactNodeArray

                                                interface ReactNodeArray extends Iterable<ReactNodeLike> {}

                                                  interface Requireable

                                                  interface Requireable<T> extends Validator<T | undefined | null> {}

                                                    property isRequired

                                                    isRequired: Validator<NonNullable<T>>;

                                                      interface Validator

                                                      interface Validator<T> {}

                                                        property [nominalTypeHack]

                                                        | {
                                                        type: T;
                                                        | undefined;

                                                          call signature

                                                          props: { [key: string]: any },
                                                          propName: string,
                                                          componentName: string,
                                                          location: string,
                                                          propFullName: string
                                                          ): Error | null;

                                                            Type Aliases

                                                            type InferProps

                                                            type InferProps<V> = InferPropsInner<Pick<V, RequiredKeys<V>>> &
                                                            Partial<InferPropsInner<Pick<V, OptionalKeys<V>>>>;

                                                              type InferPropsInner

                                                              type InferPropsInner<V> = { [K in keyof V]-?: InferType<V[K]> };

                                                                type InferType

                                                                type InferType<V> = V extends Validator<infer T> ? T : any;

                                                                  type IsOptional

                                                                  type IsOptional<T> = undefined extends T ? true : false;

                                                                    type OptionalKeys

                                                                    type OptionalKeys<V> = Exclude<keyof V, RequiredKeys<V>>;

                                                                      type ReactComponentLike

                                                                      type ReactComponentLike =
                                                                      | string
                                                                      | ((props: any, context?: any) => any)
                                                                      | (new (props: any, context?: any) => any);

                                                                        type ReactNodeLike

                                                                        type ReactNodeLike =
                                                                        | ReactElementLike
                                                                        | ReactNodeArray
                                                                        | string
                                                                        | number
                                                                        | boolean
                                                                        | null
                                                                        | undefined;

                                                                          type RequiredKeys

                                                                          type RequiredKeys<V> = {
                                                                          [K in keyof V]-?: Exclude<V[K], undefined> extends Validator<infer T>
                                                                          ? IsOptional<T> extends true
                                                                          ? never
                                                                          : K
                                                                          : never;
                                                                          }[keyof V];

                                                                            type ValidationMap

                                                                            type ValidationMap<T> = { [K in keyof T]?: Validator<T[K]> };

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