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npm i @types/prosemirror-keymap
yarn add @types/prosemirror-keymap
pnpm add @types/prosemirror-keymap


TypeScript definitions for prosemirror-keymap



function keydownHandler

keydownHandler: <S extends Schema = any>(
bindings: Keymap<S>
) => (view: EditorView, event: KeyboardEvent) => boolean;
  • Given a set of bindings (using the same format as [keymap](#keymap.keymap), return a [keydown handler](#view.EditorProps.handleKeyDown) handles them.

function keymap

keymap: <S extends Schema = any>(bindings: Keymap<S>) => Plugin;
  • Create a keymap plugin for the given set of bindings.

    Bindings should map key names to [command](#commands)-style functions, which will be called with `(EditorState, dispatch, EditorView)` arguments, and should return true when they've handled the key. Note that the view argument isn't part of the command protocol, but can be used as an escape hatch if a binding needs to directly interact with the UI.

    Key names may be strings like "Shift-Ctrl-Enter"—a key identifier prefixed with zero or more modifiers. Key identifiers are based on the strings that can appear in [KeyEvent.key](https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/KeyboardEvent/key). Use lowercase letters to refer to letter keys (or uppercase letters if you want shift to be held). You may use "Space" as an alias for the " " name.

    Modifiers can be given in any order. Shift- (or s-), Alt- (or a-), Ctrl- (or c- or Control-) and Cmd- (or m- or Meta-) are recognized. For characters that are created by holding shift, the Shift- prefix is implied, and should not be added explicitly.

    You can use Mod- as a shorthand for Cmd- on Mac and Ctrl- on other platforms.

    You can add multiple keymap plugins to an editor. The order in which they appear determines their precedence (the ones early in the array get to dispatch first).

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