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npm i @types/react-custom-scrollbars
yarn add @types/react-custom-scrollbars
pnpm add @types/react-custom-scrollbars


TypeScript definitions for react-custom-scrollbars



class Scrollbars

class Scrollbars extends React.Component<ScrollbarProps> {}

    method getClientHeight

    getClientHeight: () => number;

      method getClientWidth

      getClientWidth: () => number;

        method getScrollHeight

        getScrollHeight: () => number;

          method getScrollLeft

          getScrollLeft: () => number;

            method getScrollTop

            getScrollTop: () => number;

              method getScrollWidth

              getScrollWidth: () => number;

                method getValues

                getValues: () => positionValues;

                  method scrollLeft

                  scrollLeft: (left: number) => void;

                    method scrollToBottom

                    scrollToBottom: () => void;

                      method scrollToLeft

                      scrollToLeft: () => void;

                        method scrollTop

                        scrollTop: (top: number) => void;

                          method scrollToRight

                          scrollToRight: () => void;

                            method scrollToTop

                            scrollToTop: () => void;


                              interface positionValues

                              interface positionValues {}

                                property clientHeight

                                clientHeight: number;

                                  property clientWidth

                                  clientWidth: number;

                                    property left

                                    left: number;

                                      property scrollHeight

                                      scrollHeight: number;

                                        property scrollLeft

                                        scrollLeft: number;

                                          property scrollTop

                                          scrollTop: number;

                                            property scrollWidth

                                            scrollWidth: number;

                                              property top

                                              top: number;

                                                interface ScrollbarProps

                                                interface ScrollbarProps extends React.HTMLProps<Scrollbars> {}

                                                  property autoHeight

                                                  autoHeight?: boolean | undefined;

                                                    property autoHeightMax

                                                    autoHeightMax?: number | string | undefined;

                                                      property autoHeightMin

                                                      autoHeightMin?: number | string | undefined;

                                                        property autoHide

                                                        autoHide?: boolean | undefined;

                                                          property autoHideDuration

                                                          autoHideDuration?: number | undefined;

                                                            property autoHideTimeout

                                                            autoHideTimeout?: number | undefined;

                                                              property hideTracksWhenNotNeeded

                                                              hideTracksWhenNotNeeded?: boolean | undefined;

                                                                property onScroll

                                                                onScroll?: React.UIEventHandler<any> | undefined;

                                                                  property onScrollFrame

                                                                  onScrollFrame?: ((values: positionValues) => void) | undefined;

                                                                    property onScrollStart

                                                                    onScrollStart?: (() => void) | undefined;

                                                                      property onScrollStop

                                                                      onScrollStop?: (() => void) | undefined;

                                                                        property onUpdate

                                                                        onUpdate?: ((values: positionValues) => void) | undefined;

                                                                          property renderThumbHorizontal

                                                                          renderThumbHorizontal?: React.FunctionComponent<any> | undefined;

                                                                            property renderThumbVertical

                                                                            renderThumbVertical?: React.FunctionComponent<any> | undefined;

                                                                              property renderTrackHorizontal

                                                                              renderTrackHorizontal?: React.FunctionComponent<any> | undefined;

                                                                                property renderTrackVertical

                                                                                renderTrackVertical?: React.FunctionComponent<any> | undefined;

                                                                                  property renderView

                                                                                  renderView?: React.FunctionComponent<any> | undefined;

                                                                                    property style

                                                                                    style?: React.CSSProperties | undefined;

                                                                                      property tagName

                                                                                      tagName?: string | undefined;

                                                                                        property thumbMinSize

                                                                                        thumbMinSize?: number | undefined;

                                                                                          property thumbSize

                                                                                          thumbSize?: number | undefined;

                                                                                            property universal

                                                                                            universal?: boolean | undefined;

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