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npm i @types/react-input-mask
yarn add @types/react-input-mask
pnpm add @types/react-input-mask


TypeScript definitions for react-input-mask



class ReactInputMask

class ReactInputMask extends React.Component<Props> {}


    interface BeforeMaskedStateChangeStates

    interface BeforeMaskedStateChangeStates {}

      property currentState

      currentState: InputState;

        property nextState

        nextState: InputState;

          property previousState

          previousState: InputState;

            interface InputState

            interface InputState {}

              property selection

              selection: Selection | null;

                property value

                value: string;

                  interface Props

                  interface Props extends React.InputHTMLAttributes<HTMLInputElement> {}

                    property alwaysShowMask

                    alwaysShowMask?: boolean | undefined;
                    • Show mask even in empty input without focus.

                    property inputRef

                    inputRef?: React.Ref<HTMLInputElement> | undefined;
                    • Use inputRef instead of ref if you need input node to manage focus, selection, etc.

                    property mask

                    mask: string | Array<string | RegExp>;
                    • Mask string. Format characters are: * 9: 0-9 * a: A-Z, a-z * \*: A-Z, a-z, 0-9

                      Any character can be escaped with backslash, which usually will appear as double backslash in JS strings. For example, German phone mask with unremoveable prefix +49 will look like mask="+4\\9 99 999 99" or mask={"+4\\\\9 99 999 99"}

                    property maskChar

                    maskChar?: string | null | undefined;
                    • Character to cover unfilled editable parts of mask. Default character is "_". If set to null, unfilled parts will be empty, like in ordinary input.

                    property maskPlaceholder

                    maskPlaceholder?: string | null | undefined;

                      method beforeMaskedStateChange

                      beforeMaskedStateChange: (states: BeforeMaskedStateChangeStates) => InputState;
                      • In case you need to implement more complex masking behavior, you can provide beforeMaskedStateChange function to change masked value and cursor position before it will be applied to the input.

                        * previousState: Input state before change. Only defined on change event. * currentState: Current raw input state. Not defined during component render. * nextState: Input state with applied mask. Contains value and selection fields.

                      interface Selection

                      interface Selection {}

                        property end

                        end: number;

                          property start

                          start: number;

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