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npm i @types/react-textarea-autosize
yarn add @types/react-textarea-autosize
pnpm add @types/react-textarea-autosize


TypeScript definitions for react-textarea-autosize



namespace react-textarea-autosize

module 'react-textarea-autosize' {}

    class TextareaAutosize

    class TextareaAutosize extends React.Component<TextareaAutosizeProps> {}

    interface TextareaAutosizeProps

    interface TextareaAutosizeProps extends React.HTMLProps<HTMLTextAreaElement> {}
    • properties

    property inputRef

    | ((node: HTMLTextAreaElement) => void)
    | React.RefObject<HTMLTextAreaElement>
    | undefined;
    • Allows an owner to retrieve the DOM node.

    property maxRows

    maxRows?: number | undefined;
    • Maximum number of rows to show.

    property minRows

    minRows?: number | undefined;
    • Alias for rows.

    property onChange

    onChange?: ((event: React.ChangeEvent<HTMLTextAreaElement>) => void) | undefined;
    • Callback on value change

      Parameter event

    property onHeightChange

    onHeightChange?: ((height: number) => void) | undefined;
    • Callback on height change

      Parameter height

    property rows

    rows?: number | undefined;
    • Minimal number of rows to show.

    property useCacheForDOMMeasurements

    useCacheForDOMMeasurements?: boolean | undefined;
    • Try to cache DOM measurements performed by component so that we don't touch DOM when it's not needed.

      This optimization doesn't work if we dynamically style <textarea /> component. false

    property value

    value?: string | undefined;
    • Current textarea value

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