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npm i @types/regenerator-runtime
yarn add @types/regenerator-runtime
pnpm add @types/regenerator-runtime


TypeScript definitions for regenerator-runtime



function async

async: {
<T = undefined, TYield = unknown, TReturn = unknown>(
innerFn: InnerFunction<T, TYield, TReturn>,
outerFn: GeneratorFunction,
self?: T,
tryLocsList?: TryLocationsList,
PromiseImpl?: ResolvablePromiseConstructorLike
): AsyncIterator<
TYield extends PromiseLike<infer Await>
? Await
: Exclude<TYield, awrap<unknown>>,
TReturn extends PromiseLike<infer Await>
? Await
: Exclude<TReturn, awrap<unknown>>,
<T = undefined, TReturn = unknown>(
innerFn: InnerFunction<T, unknown, TReturn, unknown>,
outerFn?: Function,
self?: T,
tryLocsList?: TryLocationsList,
PromiseImpl?: ResolvablePromiseConstructorLike
): Promise<TReturn extends PromiseLike<infer Await> ? Await : TReturn>;

    function awrap

    awrap: typeof awrap;

      function isGeneratorFunction

      isGeneratorFunction: (func: unknown) => func is GeneratorFunction;

        function keys

        keys: (object: {}) => () => IteratorResult<string, undefined>;

          function mark

          mark: <F extends Function>(genFun: F) => F & GeneratorFunction;

            function values

            values: {
            <I extends Iterator<unknown, unknown, unknown>>(iterable: {
            [Symbol.iterator](): I;
            }): I;
            <T>(iterableOrArrayLike: Iterable<T> | ArrayLike<T>): Iterator<

              function wrap

              wrap: <T = undefined, TYield = unknown, TReturn = unknown, TNext = unknown>(
              innerFn: InnerFunction<T, TYield, TReturn, TNext>,
              outerFn?: Function | null,
              self?: T,
              tryLocsList?: TryLocationsList
              ) => Generator<TYield, TReturn, TNext>;


                class AsyncIterator

                class AsyncIterator<TYield = unknown, TReturn = unknown, TNext = unknown>
                implements AsyncGenerator<TYield, TReturn, TNext> {}


                  generator: Generator<
                  TYield | awrap<unknown> | PromiseLike<TYield>,
                  TReturn | awrap<unknown> | PromiseLike<TReturn>,
                  PromiseImpl: ResolvablePromiseConstructorLike

                    method [Symbol.asyncIterator]

                    [Symbol.asyncIterator]: () => this;

                      method next

                      next: (...args: [] | [TNext]) => Promise<IteratorResult<TYield, TReturn>>;

                        method return

                        return: (
                        value: TReturn | PromiseLike<TReturn>
                        ) => Promise<IteratorResult<TYield, TReturn>>;

                          method throw

                          throw: (e: any) => Promise<IteratorResult<TYield, TReturn>>;

                            class awrap

                            class awrap<V> {}


                              constructor(arg: {});


                                interface CompletionRecord

                                interface CompletionRecord {}

                                  property arg

                                  arg: unknown;

                                    property type

                                    type: CompletionType;

                                      interface Context

                                      interface Context<TYield = unknown, TReturn = unknown, TNext = unknown> {}

                                        property arg

                                        arg: unknown;
                                        • The argument passed to the generator method.

                                        property delegate

                                        delegate: DelegatedIterator | undefined;
                                        • If truthy, then it contains information about the currently yield* delegated iterator.

                                        property done

                                        done: boolean;
                                        • Whether the generator has finished.

                                        property method

                                        method: 'next' | 'return' | 'throw';
                                        • The generator method.

                                        property next

                                        next: number | 'end';
                                        • The label of the next location, is set to 'end' when the generator needs to close abruptly.

                                        property prev

                                        prev: unknown;
                                        • The label of the previous location, needs to be set to next at the start of user code.

                                        property rval

                                        rval: TReturn;
                                        • The return value, set by abrupt("return").

                                        property sent

                                        sent: TNext;
                                        • The value passed to next().

                                        property tryEntries

                                        readonly tryEntries: readonly [
                                        { readonly tryLoc: 'root' } & Omit<TryEntry, 'tryLoc'>,

                                          method abrupt

                                          abrupt: {
                                          (type: 'return', rval?: TReturn): unknown;
                                          (type: 'throw', exception?: unknown): never;
                                          (type: 'break' | 'continue', nextLoc: number): unknown;
                                          (type: CompletionType, arg?: unknown): unknown;
                                          • Parameter type

                                            The completion type.

                                            Parameter rval

                                            The return value.

                                          • Parameter type

                                            The completion type.

                                            Parameter exception

                                            The exception to throw.

                                          • Parameter type

                                            The completion type.

                                            Parameter nextLoc

                                            The location label to resume iteration at.

                                          • Parameter type

                                            The completion type.

                                            Parameter arg

                                            The [[Value]] or [[Target]] of the completion record.

                                          method catch

                                          catch: (tryLoc: number) => unknown;
                                          • Used to obtain the exception that was thrown in the associated try block.

                                            Parameter tryLoc

                                            The label of the beginning of the try block.

                                          method complete

                                          complete: (
                                          record: Readonly<CompletionRecord>,
                                          afterLoc?: ContextLocation
                                          ) => unknown;
                                          • Parameter record

                                            The completion record.

                                            Parameter afterLoc

                                            The location to resume the generator at, only used by normal completions.

                                          method delegateYield

                                          delegateYield: (
                                          iterable: { [Symbol.iterator](): Iterator<TYield, unknown, unknown> },
                                          resultName: string,
                                          nextLoc: ContextLocation
                                          ) => unknown;
                                          • Parameter iterable

                                            The iterable to delegate to.

                                            Parameter resultName

                                            The name of the property to assign to on this context.

                                            Parameter nextLoc

                                            The label of the location where to resume iteration.

                                          method dispatchException

                                          dispatchException: (exception: unknown) => boolean;
                                          • Dispatches an exception to innerFn

                                            Parameter exception

                                            The exception to dispatch.

                                          method finish

                                          finish: (finallyLoc: number) => unknown;
                                          • Used to signify the end of a finally block.

                                            Parameter finallyLoc

                                            The label of the beginning of the finally block.

                                          method reset

                                          reset: (skipTempReset?: boolean) => void;

                                            method stop

                                            stop: () => TReturn;
                                            • Ends the iteration.

                                            index signature

                                            * Expects properties to match `/^t[+-]?\d*(?:(?<=\d)\.\d*|\.\d+)?(?:e[+-]?\d+)?$/`.
                                            temp: string
                                            ]: any;

                                              interface DelegatedIterator

                                              interface DelegatedIterator {}

                                                property iterator

                                                iterator: Iterator<unknown, unknown, unknown>;

                                                  interface ResolvablePromiseConstructorLike

                                                  interface ResolvablePromiseConstructorLike extends PromiseConstructorLike {}

                                                    method resolve

                                                    resolve: <T = void>(value?: T) => PromiseLike<T>;

                                                      interface TryEntry

                                                      interface TryEntry {}

                                                        property afterLoc

                                                        readonly afterLoc?: ContextLocation | undefined;

                                                          property catchLoc

                                                          readonly catchLoc?: number | undefined;

                                                            property completion

                                                            completion?: CompletionRecord | undefined;

                                                              property finallyLoc

                                                              readonly finallyLoc?: number | undefined;

                                                                property tryLoc

                                                                readonly tryLoc: number;

                                                                  Type Aliases

                                                                  type CompletionType

                                                                  type CompletionType = 'normal' | 'return' | 'throw' | 'break' | 'continue';

                                                                    type ContextLocation

                                                                    type ContextLocation = number | 'end';

                                                                      type InnerFunction

                                                                      type InnerFunction<
                                                                      T = undefined,
                                                                      TYield = unknown,
                                                                      TReturn = unknown,
                                                                      TNext = unknown
                                                                      > = (this: T, context: Context<TYield, TReturn, TNext>) => unknown;
                                                                      • The implementation of the generator.

                                                                      type TryLocationsList

                                                                      type TryLocationsList = ReadonlyArray<
                                                                      | readonly [number, number]
                                                                      | readonly [number, number | undefined, number, ContextLocation]

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