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npm i @types/rollup-plugin-visualizer
yarn add @types/rollup-plugin-visualizer
pnpm add @types/rollup-plugin-visualizer


TypeScript definitions for rollup-plugin-visualizer



function visualizer

visualizer: (options?: visualizer.PluginVisualizerOptions) => Plugin;


    interface PluginVisualizerOptions

    interface PluginVisualizerOptions {}

      property brotliSize

      brotliSize?: boolean | undefined;
      • Collect brotli size from source code and display it at chart. Only if current node version supports it false

      property filename

      filename?: string | undefined;
      • Name of the file with diagram to generate "stats.html"

      property gzipSize

      gzipSize?: boolean | undefined;
      • Collect gzip size from source code and display it at chart false

      property json

      json?: boolean | undefined;
      • Product portable json file that can be used with plugin CLI util to generate graph from several json files. Every UI property ignored in this case. false

      property open

      open?: boolean | undefined;
      • Open generated file in default user agent false

      property sourcemap

      sourcemap?: boolean | undefined;
      • Use sourcemaps to calculate sizes (e.g. after UglifyJs or Terser) false

      property template

      template?: 'treemap' | 'sunburst' | 'network' | undefined;
      • Which diagram type to use "treemap"

      property title

      title?: string | undefined;
      • Title tag value "Rollup Visualizer"

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