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npm i @types/showdown
yarn add @types/showdown
pnpm add @types/showdown


TypeScript definitions for showdown



variable Converter

var Converter: ConverterStatic;
  • Constructor function for a Converter.

variable extensions

var extensions: ShowdownExtensions;
  • Showdown extensions.

variable helper

var helper: Helper;
  • Showdown helper.


function extension

extension: {
(name: string): ShowdownExtension[];
name: string,
| ShowdownExtension
| ShowdownExtension[]
| (() => ShowdownExtension | ShowdownExtension[])
): void;
  • Get a registered extension.

    Parameter name

    The extension name.


    Returns the extension of the given name.


    Throws if name is not of type string.


    Throws if the extension is not exists.

  • Register a extension.

    Parameter name

    The name of the new extension.

    Parameter ext

    The extension.


    Throws if name is not of type string.

function getAllExtensions

getAllExtensions: () => ShowdownExtensions;
  • Get the "global" extensions.

    Returns all extensions.

function getDefaultOptions

getDefaultOptions: (simple?: boolean) => ShowdownOptionsSchema | ShowdownOptions;
  • Get the default options.

    Parameter simple

    If to returns the default showdown options or the showdown options schema.


    Returns the options schema if simple is false, otherwise the default showdown options.

function getFlavor

getFlavor: () => Flavor;
  • Get the "global" currently set flavor.


    Returns string flavor name.

function getFlavorOptions

getFlavorOptions: (name: Flavor) => ShowdownOptions | undefined;
  • Get the options of a specified flavor. Returns undefined if the flavor was not found.

    Parameter name

    Name of the flavor.


    Returns options object of the given flavor name.

function getOption

getOption: (key: string) => any;
  • Get a "global" option.

    Parameter key

    the option key.


    Returns the value of the given key.

function getOptions

getOptions: () => ShowdownOptions;
  • Get the "global" options.


    Returns a options object.

function removeExtension

removeExtension: (name: string) => void;
  • Remove an extension.

    Parameter name

    The extension name.

function resetExtensions

resetExtensions: () => void;
  • Removes all extensions.

function resetOptions

resetOptions: () => void;
  • Reset "global" options to the default values.

function setFlavor

setFlavor: (name: Flavor) => void;
  • Setting a "global" flavor affects all instances of showdown.

    Parameter name

    The flavor name.

function setOption

setOption: (key: string, value: any) => typeof Showdown;
  • Setting a "global" option affects all instances of showdown.

    Parameter key

    the option key.

    Parameter value

    the option value.

function subParser

subParser: { (name: string): SubParser; (name: string, func: SubParser): void };
  • Get a registered subParser.

    Parameter name

    The parser name.


    Returns the parser of the given name.


    Throws if name is not of type string.


    Throws if the parser is not exists.

  • Register a subParser.

    Parameter name

    The name of the new parser.

    Parameter func

    The handler function of the new parser.


    Throws if name is not of type string.

function validateExtension

validateExtension: (ext: ShowdownExtension[] | ShowdownExtension) => boolean;
  • Checks if the given ext is a valid showdown extension.

    Parameter ext

    The extension to checks.


    Returns true if the extension is valid showdown extension, otherwise false.


interface Converter

interface Converter {}
  • Showdown Converter prototype.

    See Also

    • https://github.com/showdownjs/showdown/blob/master/src/converter.js

method addExtension

addExtension: (
| (() => ShowdownExtension[] | ShowdownExtension)
| ShowdownExtension[]
| ShowdownExtension,
name?: string
) => void;
  • Add extension to THIS converter.

    Parameter extension

    The new extension to add.

    Parameter name

    The extension name.

method getAllExtensions

getAllExtensions: () => ConverterExtensions;
  • Get all extensions.

    all extensions.

method getFlavor

getFlavor: () => Flavor;
  • Get the "local" currently set flavor of this converter.


    Returns string flavor name.

method getMetadata

getMetadata: (raw?: boolean) => string | Metadata;
  • Get the metadata of the previously parsed document.

    Parameter raw

    If to returns Row or Metadata.


    Returns Row if row is true, otherwise Metadata.

method getMetadataFormat

getMetadataFormat: () => string;
  • Get the metadata format of the previously parsed document.


    Returns the metadata format.

method getOption

getOption: (key: string) => any;
  • Get the option of this Converter instance.

    Parameter key

    The key of the option.


    Returns the value of the given key.

method getOptions

getOptions: () => ShowdownOptions;
  • Get the options of this Converter instance.


    Returns the current convertor options object.

method listen

listen: (name: string, callback: EventListener) => Converter;
  • Listen to an event.

    Parameter name

    The event name.

    Parameter callback

    The function that will be called when the event occurs.


    Throws if the type of name is not string.


    Throws if the type of callback is not function.

    Example 1

    let converter: Converter = new Converter();
    .listen('hashBlock.before', (evtName, text, converter, options, globals) => {
    // ... do stuff to text ...
    return text;

method makeHtml

makeHtml: (text: string) => string;
  • Converts a markdown string into HTML string.

    Parameter text

    The input text (markdown). The output HTML.

method makeMarkdown

makeMarkdown: (src: string, HTMLParser?: HTMLDocument) => string;
  • Converts an HTML string into a markdown string.

    Parameter src

    The input text (HTML)

    Parameter HTMLParser

    A WHATWG DOM and HTML parser, such as JSDOM. If none is supplied, window.document will be used.


    The output markdown.

method removeExtension

removeExtension: (extensions: ShowdownExtension[] | ShowdownExtension) => void;
  • Remove an extension from THIS converter.

    Parameter extensions

    The extensions to remove.


    This is a costly operation. It's better to initialize a new converter. and specify the extensions you wish to use.

method setFlavor

setFlavor: (name: Flavor) => void;
  • Set a "local" flavor for THIS Converter instance.

    Parameter flavor

    The flavor name.

method setOption

setOption: (key: string, value: any) => void;
  • Setting a "local" option only affects the specified Converter object.

    Parameter key

    The key of the option.

    Parameter value

    The value of the option.

method useExtension

useExtension: (extensionName: string) => void;
  • Use a global registered extension with THIS converter.

    Parameter extensionName

    Name of the previously registered extension.

interface ConverterExtensions

interface ConverterExtensions {}
  • Showdown converter extensions store object.

property language

language: ShowdownExtension[];

    property output

    output: ShowdownExtension[];

      interface ConverterGlobals

      interface ConverterGlobals {}

        property converter

        converter?: Converter | undefined;

          property gDimensions

          | {
          width?: number | undefined;
          height?: number | undefined;
          | undefined;

            property ghCodeBlocks

            | Array<{ codeblock?: string | undefined; text?: string | undefined }>
            | undefined;

              property gHtmlBlocks

              gHtmlBlocks?: string[] | undefined;

                property gHtmlMdBlocks

                gHtmlMdBlocks?: string[] | undefined;

                  property gHtmlSpans

                  gHtmlSpans?: string[] | undefined;

                    property gListLevel

                    gListLevel?: number | undefined;

                      property gTitles

                      gTitles?: { [key: string]: string } | undefined;

                        property gUrls

                        gUrls?: { [key: string]: string } | undefined;

                          property hashLinkCounts

                          hashLinkCounts?: { [key: string]: number } | undefined;

                            property langExtensions

                            langExtensions?: ShowdownExtension[] | undefined;

                              property metadata

                              | {
                              parsed?: { [key: string]: string } | undefined;
                              raw?: string | undefined;
                              format?: string | undefined;
                              | undefined;

                                property outputModifiers

                                outputModifiers?: ShowdownExtension[] | undefined;

                                  interface ConverterOptions

                                  interface ConverterOptions extends ShowdownOptions {}

                                    property extensions

                                    | Array<
                                    | (() => ShowdownExtension[] | ShowdownExtension)
                                    | ShowdownExtension[]
                                    | ShowdownExtension
                                    | string
                                    | undefined;
                                    • Add extensions to the new converter can be showdown extensions or "global" extensions name.

                                    interface ConverterStatic

                                    interface ConverterStatic {}

                                      construct signature

                                      new (converterOptions?: ConverterOptions): Converter;
                                      • Parameter converterOptions

                                        Configuration object, describes which extensions to apply.

                                      interface EventListener

                                      interface EventListener {}
                                      • Showdown event listener.

                                      call signature

                                      evtName: string,
                                      text: string,
                                      converter: Converter,
                                      options: ShowdownOptions,
                                      globals: ConverterGlobals
                                      // eslint-disable-next-line @typescript-eslint/no-invalid-void-type
                                      ): void | string;
                                      • Parameter evtName

                                        The event name.

                                        Parameter text

                                        The current convert value.

                                        Parameter converter

                                        The converter instance.

                                        Parameter options

                                        The converter options.

                                        Parameter globals

                                        A global parsed data of the current conversion.


                                        Can be returned string value to change the current convert value (text).

                                        Example 1

                                        Change by returns string value.

                                        let listener: EventListener = (evtName, text, converter, options, globals) => doSome(text);

                                      interface Extension

                                      interface Extension {}

                                        property listeners

                                        listeners?: { [event: string]: EventListener } | undefined;
                                        • Event listeners functions that called on the conversion, when the event occurs.

                                        property type

                                        type: string;
                                        • Property defines the nature of said sub-extensions and can assume 2 values:

                                          * lang - Language extensions add new markdown syntax to showdown. * output - Output extensions (or modifiers) alter the HTML output generated by showdown. * listener - Listener extensions for listening to a conversion event.

                                        interface FilterExtension

                                        interface FilterExtension extends Extension {}
                                        • If you'd just like to do everything yourself,you can specify a filter property. The filter property should be a function that acts as a callback.

                                          Example 1

                                          let myExt: ShowdownExtension = {
                                          type: 'lang',
                                          filter: (text: string, converter: Converter) => text.replace('#', '*')

                                        property filter

                                        | ((
                                        text: string,
                                        converter: Converter,
                                        options?: ConverterOptions
                                        ) => string)
                                        | undefined;

                                          interface Helper

                                          interface Helper {}
                                          • Helper Interface

                                          method replaceRecursiveRegExp

                                          replaceRecursiveRegExp: (...args: any[]) => string;

                                            index signature

                                            [key: string]: (...args: any[]) => any;

                                              interface Metadata

                                              interface Metadata {}

                                                index signature

                                                [meta: string]: string;

                                                  interface RegexReplaceExtension

                                                  interface RegexReplaceExtension extends Extension {}
                                                  • Regex/replace style extensions are very similar to javascript's string.replace function. Two properties are given, regex and replace.

                                                    Example 1

                                                    let myExt: RegexReplaceExtension = {
                                                    type: 'lang',
                                                    regex: /markdown/g,
                                                    replace: 'showdown'

                                                  property regex

                                                  regex?: string | RegExp | undefined;
                                                  • Should be either a string or a RegExp object.

                                                    Keep in mind that, if a string is used, it will automatically be given a g modifier, that is, it is assumed to be a global replacement.

                                                  property replace

                                                  replace?: any;
                                                  • Can be either a string or a function. If replace is a string, it can use the $1 syntax for group substitution, exactly as if it were making use of string.replace (internally it does this actually).

                                                  interface ShowdownExtension

                                                  interface ShowdownExtension extends RegexReplaceExtension, FilterExtension {}
                                                  • Defines a plugin/extension Each single extension can be one of two types:

                                                    + Language Extension -- Language extensions are ones that that add new markdown syntax to showdown. For example, say you wanted ^^youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 to automatically render as an embedded YouTube video, that would be a language extension. + Output Modifiers -- After showdown has run, and generated HTML, an output modifier would change that HTML. For example, say you wanted to change to be , that would be an output modifier. + Listener Extension -- Listener extensions for listen to conversion events.

                                                    Each extension can provide two combinations of interfaces for showdown.

                                                    Example 1

                                                    let myext: ShowdownExtension = {
                                                    type: 'output',
                                                    filter(text, converter, options) {
                                                    // ... do stuff to text ...
                                                    return text;
                                                    listeners: {
                                                    ['lists.after'](evtName, text, converter, options, globals){
                                                    // ... do stuff to text ...
                                                    return text;
                                                    // ...

                                                  interface ShowdownExtensions

                                                  interface ShowdownExtensions {}
                                                  • Showdown extensions store object.

                                                  index signature

                                                  [name: string]: ShowdownExtension[];

                                                    interface ShowdownOptionDescription

                                                    interface ShowdownOptionDescription {}
                                                    • Showdown option description.

                                                    property defaultValue

                                                    defaultValue?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • The default value of option.

                                                    property description

                                                    description?: string | undefined;
                                                    • The description of the option.

                                                    property type

                                                    type?: 'boolean' | 'string' | 'integer' | undefined;
                                                    • The type of the option value.

                                                    interface ShowdownOptions

                                                    interface ShowdownOptions {}
                                                    • Showdown options.

                                                      See Also

                                                      • https://github.com/showdownjs/showdown#valid-options

                                                      • https://github.com/showdownjs/showdown/wiki/Showdown-options

                                                      • https://github.com/showdownjs/showdown/blob/master/src/options.js

                                                    property backslashEscapesHTMLTags

                                                    backslashEscapesHTMLTags?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Support for HTML Tag escaping.

                                                      Example 1



                                                      **backslashEscapesHTMLTags** = false


                                                      **backslashEscapesHTMLTags** = true


                                                      false 1.7.2

                                                    property completeHTMLDocument

                                                    completeHTMLDocument?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Outputs a complete html document, including , and tags' instead of an HTML fragment.

                                                      Example 1


                                                      # Showdown

                                                      **completeHTMLDocument** = false


                                                      **completeHTMLDocument** = true

                                                      <!DOCTYPE HTML>
                                                      <meta charset="utf-8">

                                                      false 1.8.5

                                                    property customizedHeaderId

                                                    customizedHeaderId?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Use text in curly braces as header id.

                                                      Example 1

                                                      ```md ## Sample header {real-id} will use real-id as id ``` false 1.7.0

                                                    property disableForced4SpacesIndentedSublists

                                                    disableForced4SpacesIndentedSublists?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Disables the requirement of indenting sublists by 4 spaces for them to be nested, effectively reverting to the old behavior where 2 or 3 spaces were enough.

                                                      Example 1


                                                      - one
                                                      - two
                                                      - one
                                                      - two

                                                      **disableForced4SpacesIndentedSublists** = false


                                                      **disableForced4SpacesIndentedSublists** = true


                                                      false 1.5.0

                                                    property ellipsis

                                                    ellipsis?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Replaces three dots with the ellipsis unicode character. true

                                                    property emoji

                                                    emoji?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Enable emoji support.

                                                      Example 1

                                                      this is a :smile: emoji


                                                      See Also

                                                      • https://github.com/showdownjs/showdown/wiki/Emojis 1.8.0

                                                    property encodeEmails

                                                    encodeEmails?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Enables e-mail addresses encoding through the use of Character Entities, transforming ASCII e-mail addresses into its equivalent decimal entities.


                                                      Prior to version 1.6.1, emails would always be obfuscated through dec and hex encoding.

                                                      Example 1



                                                      **encodeEmails** = false

                                                      <a href="mailto:myself@example.com">myself@example.com</a>

                                                      **encodeEmails** = true

                                                      <a href="&#109;&#97;&#105;&#108;t&#x6f;&#x3a;&#109;&#x79;s&#x65;&#x6c;&#102;&#64;&#x65;xa&#109;&#112;&#108;&#101;&#x2e;c&#x6f;&#109;">&#x6d;&#121;s&#101;&#108;f&#x40;&#x65;&#120;a&#x6d;&#x70;&#108;&#x65;&#x2e;&#99;&#x6f;&#109;</a>

                                                      true 1.6.1

                                                    property excludeTrailingPunctuationFromURLs

                                                    excludeTrailingPunctuationFromURLs?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Remarks

                                                      This option only applies to links generated by Showdown.ShowdownOptions.simplifiedAutoLink.

                                                      Example 1


                                                      check this link www.google.com.

                                                      **excludeTrailingPunctuationFromURLs** = false

                                                      <p>check this link <a href="www.google.com">www.google.com.</a></p>

                                                      **excludeTrailingPunctuationFromURLs** = true

                                                      <p>check this link <a href="www.google.com">www.google.com</a>.</p>

                                                      false 1.5.1



                                                      This option excludes trailing punctuation from autolinking urls. Punctuation excluded: . ! ? ( ).

                                                    property ghCodeBlocks

                                                    ghCodeBlocks?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Enable support for GFM code block style syntax (fenced codeblocks).

                                                      Example 1


                                                      ```md some code here ``` true 1.2.0

                                                    property ghCompatibleHeaderId

                                                    ghCompatibleHeaderId?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Generate header ids compatible with github style (spaces are replaced with dashes and a bunch of non alphanumeric chars are removed).

                                                      Example 1


                                                      # This is a header with @#$%

                                                      **ghCompatibleHeaderId** = false

                                                      <h1 id="thisisaheader">This is a header</h1>

                                                      **ghCompatibleHeaderId** = true

                                                      <h1 id="this-is-a-header-with-">This is a header with @#$%</h1>

                                                      false 1.5.5

                                                    property ghMentions

                                                    ghMentions?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Enables support for github @mentions, which links to the github profile page of the username mentioned.

                                                      Example 1


                                                      hello there @tivie

                                                      **ghMentions** = false

                                                      <p>hello there @tivie</p>

                                                      **ghMentions** = true

                                                      <p>hello there <a href="https://www.github.com/tivie>@tivie</a></p>

                                                      false 1.6.0

                                                    ghMentionsLink?: string | undefined;
                                                    • Changes the link generated by @mentions. {u} is replaced by the text of the mentions. Only applies if **[ghMentions][]** is enabled.

                                                      Example 1


                                                      hello there @tivie

                                                      **ghMentionsLink** = https://github.com/{u}

                                                      <p>hello there <a href="https://www.github.com/tivie>@tivie</a></p>

                                                      **ghMentionsLink** = http://mysite.com/{u}/profile

                                                      <p>hello there <a href="//mysite.com/tivie/profile">@tivie</a></p>

                                                      https://github.com/{u} 1.6.2

                                                    property headerLevelStart

                                                    headerLevelStart?: number | undefined;
                                                    • Set the header starting level. For instance, setting this to 3 means that

                                                      Example 1


                                                      # header

                                                      **headerLevelStart** = 1


                                                      **headerLevelStart** = 3


                                                      1 1.1.0

                                                    property literalMidWordUnderscores

                                                    literalMidWordUnderscores?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Turning this on will stop showdown from interpreting underscores in the middle of words as and and instead treat them as literal underscores.

                                                      Example 1


                                                      some text with__underscores__in middle

                                                      **literalMidWordUnderscores** = false

                                                      <p>some text with<strong>underscores</strong>in middle</p>

                                                      **literalMidWordUnderscores** = true

                                                      <p>some text with__underscores__in middle</p>

                                                      false 1.2.0

                                                    property metadata

                                                    metadata?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Enable support for document metadata (defined at the top of the document between ««« and »»» or between --- and ---).

                                                      Example 1

                                                      ```js var conv = new showdown.Converter({metadata: true}); var html = conv.makeHtml(someMd); var metadata = conv.getMetadata(); // returns an object with the document metadata ``` false 1.8.5

                                                    property noHeaderId

                                                    noHeaderId?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Disable the automatic generation of header ids. Showdown generates an id for headings automatically. This is useful for linking to a specific header. This behavior, however, can be disabled with this option.

                                                      Example 1


                                                      # This is a header

                                                      **noHeaderId** = false

                                                      <h1 id="thisisaheader">This is a header</h1>

                                                      **noHeaderId** = true

                                                      <h1>This is a header</h1>

                                                      false 1.1.0

                                                    property omitExtraWLInCodeBlocks

                                                    omitExtraWLInCodeBlocks?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Omit the trailing newline in a code block. By default, showdown adds a newline before the closing tags in code blocks. By enabling this option, that newline is removed. This option affects both indented and fenced (gfm style) code blocks.

                                                      Example 1


                                                      var foo = 'bar';

                                                      **omitExtraWLInCodeBlocks** = false:

                                                      <code><pre>var foo = 'bar';

                                                      **omitExtraWLInCodeBlocks** = true:

                                                      <code><pre>var foo = 'bar';</pre></code>

                                                      false 1.0.0

                                                    property openLinksInNewWindow

                                                    openLinksInNewWindow?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Open all links in new windows (by adding the attribute target="_blank" to tags).

                                                      Example 1



                                                      **openLinksInNewWindow** = false

                                                      <p><a href="http://showdownjs.com">Showdown</a></p>

                                                      **openLinksInNewWindow** = true

                                                      <p><a href="http://showdownjs.com" target="_blank">Showdown</a></p>

                                                      false 1.7.0

                                                    property parseImgDimensions

                                                    parseImgDimensions?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Enable support for setting image dimensions from within markdown syntax.

                                                      Example 1

                                                      ![foo](foo.jpg =100x80) simple, assumes units are in px
                                                      ![bar](bar.jpg =100x*) sets the height to "auto"
                                                      ![baz](baz.jpg =80%x5em) Image with width of 80% and height of 5em

                                                      false 1.1.0

                                                    property prefixHeaderId

                                                    prefixHeaderId?: string | boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Add a prefix to the generated header ids. Passing a string will prefix that string to the header id. Setting to true will add a generic 'section' prefix.

                                                      false 1.0.0

                                                    property rawHeaderId

                                                    rawHeaderId?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Remove only spaces, ' and " from generated header ids (including prefixes), replacing them with dashes (-). WARNING: This might result in malformed ids.

                                                      false 1.7.3

                                                    property rawPrefixHeaderId

                                                    rawPrefixHeaderId?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Setting this option to true will prevent showdown from modifying the prefix. This might result in malformed IDs (if, for instance, the " char is used in the prefix). Has no effect if prefixHeaderId is set to false.

                                                      false 1.7.3

                                                    property requireSpaceBeforeHeadingText

                                                    requireSpaceBeforeHeadingText?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Makes adding a space between # and the header text mandatory.

                                                      Example 1



                                                      **requireSpaceBeforeHeadingText** = false

                                                      <h1 id="header">header</h1>

                                                      **simpleLineBreaks** = true


                                                      false 1.5.3

                                                    property simpleLineBreaks

                                                    simpleLineBreaks?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Parses line breaks as like GitHub does, without needing 2 spaces at the end of the line.

                                                      Example 1


                                                      a line
                                                      wrapped in two

                                                      **simpleLineBreaks** = false

                                                      <p>a line
                                                      wrapped in two</p>

                                                      **simpleLineBreaks** = true

                                                      <p>a line<br>
                                                      wrapped in two</p>

                                                      false 1.5.1

                                                    simplifiedAutoLink?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Turning this option on will enable automatic linking to urls.

                                                      Example 1


                                                      some text www.google.com

                                                      **simplifiedAutoLink** = false

                                                      <p>some text www.google.com</p>

                                                      **simplifiedAutoLink** = true

                                                      <p>some text <a href="www.google.com">www.google.com</a></p>

                                                      false 1.2.0

                                                    property smartIndentationFix

                                                    smartIndentationFix?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Tries to smartly fix indentation problems related to es6 template strings in the midst of indented code.

                                                      false 1.4.2

                                                    property smoothLivePreview

                                                    smoothLivePreview?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Prevents weird effects in live previews due to incomplete input.

                                                      Example 1

                                                      ![awkward effect](http://i.imgur.com/YQ9iHTL.gif) You can prevent this by enabling this option. false

                                                    property splitAdjacentBlockquotes

                                                    splitAdjacentBlockquotes?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Split adjacent blockquote blocks.


                                                    property strikethrough

                                                    strikethrough?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Enable support for strikethrough syntax.

                                                      Example 1




                                                      false 1.2.0

                                                    property tables

                                                    tables?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Enable support for tables syntax.

                                                      Example 1


                                                      | h1 | h2 | h3 |
                                                      | 100 | [a][1] | ![b][2] |
                                                      | *foo* | **bar** | ~~baz~~ |

                                                      false 1.2.0

                                                    property tablesHeaderId

                                                    tablesHeaderId?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • If enabled adds an id property to table headers tags.


                                                      This options only applies if **[tables][]** is enabled. false 1.2.0

                                                    property tasklists

                                                    tasklists?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Enable support for GFM takslists.

                                                      Example 1


                                                      - [x] This task is done
                                                      - [ ] This is still pending

                                                      false 1.2.0

                                                    property underline

                                                    underline?: boolean | undefined;
                                                    • Enable support for underline. Syntax is double or triple underscores: __underline word__. With this option enabled, underscores no longer parses into <em> and <strong>

                                                      Example 1


                                                      __underline word__

                                                      **underline** = false

                                                      <p><strong>underlined word</strong></p>

                                                      **underline** = true

                                                      <p><u>underlined word</u></p>

                                                      false 1.8.0

                                                    index signature

                                                    [key: string]: any;
                                                    • For custom options {extension, subParser} And also an out-of-date definitions

                                                    interface ShowdownOptionsSchema

                                                    interface ShowdownOptionsSchema {}
                                                    • Showdown options schema.

                                                    index signature

                                                    [key: string]: ShowdownOptionDescription;

                                                      Type Aliases

                                                      type Flavor

                                                      type Flavor = 'github' | 'original' | 'ghost' | 'vanilla' | 'allOn';
                                                      • Showdown Flavor names.

                                                      type SubParser

                                                      type SubParser = (...args: any[]) => string;
                                                      • Showdown subParser.

                                                      Package Files (1)

                                                      Dependencies (0)

                                                      No dependencies.

                                                      Dev Dependencies (0)

                                                      No dev dependencies.

                                                      Peer Dependencies (0)

                                                      No peer dependencies.


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