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npm i @types/source-map-support
yarn add @types/source-map-support
pnpm add @types/source-map-support


TypeScript definitions for source-map-support



function getErrorSource

getErrorSource: (error: Error) => string | null;

    function install

    install: (options?: Options) => void;
    • Install SourceMap support.

      Parameter options

      Can be used to e.g. disable uncaughtException handler.

    function mapSourcePosition

    mapSourcePosition: (position: Position) => Position;

      function resetRetrieveHandlers

      resetRetrieveHandlers: () => void;

        function retrieveSourceMap

        retrieveSourceMap: (source: string) => UrlAndMap | null;

          function wrapCallSite

          wrapCallSite: (frame: any) => any;


            interface Options

            interface Options {}
            • Options to install().

            property emptyCacheBetweenOperations

            emptyCacheBetweenOperations?: boolean | undefined;

              property environment

              environment?: 'auto' | 'browser' | 'node' | undefined;

                property handleUncaughtExceptions

                handleUncaughtExceptions?: boolean | undefined;

                  property hookRequire

                  hookRequire?: boolean | undefined;

                    property overrideRetrieveFile

                    overrideRetrieveFile?: boolean | undefined;

                      property overrideRetrieveSourceMap

                      overrideRetrieveSourceMap?: boolean | undefined;

                        method retrieveFile

                        retrieveFile: (path: string) => string;

                          method retrieveSourceMap

                          retrieveSourceMap: (source: string) => UrlAndMap | null;

                            interface Position

                            interface Position {}

                              property column

                              column: number;

                                property line

                                line: number;

                                  property source

                                  source: string;

                                    interface UrlAndMap

                                    interface UrlAndMap {}
                                    • Output of retrieveSourceMap(). From source-map-support: The map field may be either a string or the parsed JSON object (i.e., it must be a valid argument to the SourceMapConsumer constructor).

                                    property map

                                    map: string | RawSourceMap;

                                      property url

                                      url: string;

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