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npm i @types/standard-version
yarn add @types/standard-version
pnpm add @types/standard-version


TypeScript definitions for standard-version



function standardVersion

standardVersion: (options: Options) => Promise<void>;


    interface Options

    interface Options extends Config {}

      property bumpFiles

      bumpFiles?: Array<string | Options.VersionFile> | undefined;
      • [ 'package-lock.json', 'npm-shrinkwrap.json', 'composer.lock' ]

      property changelogHeader

      changelogHeader?: string | undefined;
      • Use a custom header when generating and updating changelog.


        This option will be removed in the next major version, please use header.

      property commitAll

      commitAll?: boolean | undefined;
      • Commit all staged changes, not just files affected by standard-version.


      property dryRun

      dryRun?: boolean | undefined;
      • See the commands that running standard-version would run.


      property firstRelease

      firstRelease?: boolean | undefined;
      • Is this the first release?


      property gitTagFallback

      gitTagFallback?: boolean | undefined;
      • Fallback to git tags for version, if no meta-information file is found (e.g., package.json).


      property infile

      infile?: string | Buffer | URL | number | undefined;
      • Read the CHANGELOG from this file.


      property message

      message?: string | undefined;
      • Commit message, replaces %s with new version.


        This option will be removed in the next major version, please use releaseCommitMessageFormat.

      property noVerify

      noVerify?: boolean | undefined;
      • Bypass pre-commit or commit-msg git hooks during the commit phase.


      property packageFiles

      packageFiles?: Array<string | Options.VersionFile> | undefined;
      • [ 'package.json', 'bower.json', 'manifest.json', 'composer.json' ]

      property path

      path?: string | undefined;
      • Only populate commits made under this path.

      property prerelease

      prerelease?: string | undefined;
      • Make a pre-release with optional option value to specify a tag id.

      property preset

      preset?: string | undefined;
      • Commit message guideline preset.


      property releaseAs

      releaseAs?: string | undefined;
      • Specify the release type manually (like npm version <major|minor|patch>).

      property scripts

      scripts?: Options.Scripts | undefined;
      • Provide scripts to execute for lifecycle events (prebump, precommit, etc.,).


      property sign

      sign?: boolean | undefined;
      • Should the git commit and tag be signed?


      property silent

      silent?: boolean | undefined;
      • Don't print logs and errors.


      property skip

      skip?: Options.Skip | undefined;
      • Map of steps in the release process that should be skipped.


      property tagPrefix

      tagPrefix?: string | undefined;
      • Set a custom prefix for the git tag to be created.



      namespace Options

      namespace Options {}

        interface Scripts

        interface Scripts {}

          property postbump

          postbump?: string | undefined;
          • Executed after the version is bumped.

          property postchangelog

          postchangelog?: string | undefined;
          • Executes after the CHANGELOG is generated.

          property postcommit

          postcommit?: string | undefined;
          • Called after the commit step.

          property posttag

          posttag?: string | undefined;
          • Called after the tagging step.

          property prebump

          prebump?: string | undefined;
          • Executed before the version is bumped. If the prebump script returns a version #, it will be used rather than the version calculated by standard-version.

          property prechangelog

          prechangelog?: string | undefined;
          • Executes before the CHANGELOG is generated.

          property precommit

          precommit?: string | undefined;
          • Called before the commit step.

          property prerelease

          prerelease?: string | undefined;
          • Executed before anything happens. If the prerelease script returns a non-zero exit code, versioning will be aborted, but it has no other effect on the process.

          property pretag

          pretag?: string | undefined;
          • Called before the tagging step.

          interface Updater

          interface Updater {}

            method readVersion

            readVersion: (contents: string) => string;
            • This method is used to read the version from the provided file contents.

              Parameter contents

              provided file content semantic version string

            method writeVersion

            writeVersion: (contents: string, version: string) => string;
            • This method is used to write the version to the provided contents.

              Parameter contents

              provided file content

              Parameter version

              new semantic version string to write value that will be written directly (overwrite) to the provided file

            interface VersionFile

            interface VersionFile {}

              property filename

              filename: string;
              • path to the file you want to "bump"

                If no type or updater provided, type will be inferred from file extension

              property type

              type?: 'plain-text' | 'json';
              • Built-in file types

                The plain-text updater assumes the file contents represents the version.

                The json updater assumes the version is available under a version key in the provided JSON document.

              property updater

              updater?: string | Updater;
              • An updater is expected to be a Javascript module with atleast two methods exposed: readVersion and writeVersion or the path to require it.

              type Skip

              type Skip = Partial<Record<'bump' | 'changelog' | 'commit' | 'tag', boolean>>;

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