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npm i @types/storybook__addon-info
yarn add @types/storybook__addon-info
pnpm add @types/storybook__addon-info


TypeScript definitions for @storybook/addon-info



function setDefaults

setDefaults: (newDefaults: Options) => Options;
  • Deprecated

    setDefaults is deprecated. Instead, you can pass options into withInfo(options) directly, or use the info parameter.

function withInfo

withInfo: {
<A = unknown>(
story: StoryFn<A>,
context: StoryContext<{ component: any; storyResult: A }>
): ReturnType<DecoratorFunction<A>>;
(textOrOptions?: string | Options): (
storyFn: StoryFn
) => (context?: object) => ReactElement<WrapStoryProps>;
  • Deprecated

    withInfo wrapper is deprecated, use the info parameter globally or on each story


interface Options

interface Options {}

    property components

    | {
    [key: string]: ComponentType<any>;
    | undefined;

      property excludedPropTypes

      excludedPropTypes?: string[] | undefined;

        property header

        header?: boolean | undefined;

          property inline

          inline?: boolean | undefined;

            property marksyConf

            marksyConf?: object | undefined;
            • Deprecated

              "marksyConf" option has been renamed to "components"

            property maxPropArrayLength

            maxPropArrayLength?: number | undefined;

              property maxPropObjectKeys

              maxPropObjectKeys?: number | undefined;

                property maxPropsIntoLine

                maxPropsIntoLine?: number | undefined;

                  property maxPropStringLength

                  maxPropStringLength?: number | undefined;

                    property propTables

                    propTables?: Array<ComponentType<any>> | false | undefined;

                      property propTablesExclude

                      propTablesExclude?: Array<ComponentType<any>> | undefined;

                        property source

                        source?: boolean | undefined;

                          property styles

                          styles?: object | undefined;

                            property TableComponent

                            TableComponent?: ComponentType<TableComponentOptionProps> | undefined;

                              property text

                              text?: string | undefined;

                                interface TableComponentOptionProps

                                interface TableComponentOptionProps {}

                                  property propDefinitions

                                  propDefinitions: Array<{
                                  property: string;
                                  propType: object | string; // TODO: info about what this object is...
                                  required: boolean;
                                  description: string;
                                  defaultValue: any;

                                    interface WrapStoryProps

                                    interface WrapStoryProps {}

                                      property context

                                      context?: object | undefined;

                                        property options

                                        options?: object | undefined;

                                          property storyFn

                                          storyFn?: StoryFn | undefined;

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