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npm i @types/systemjs
yarn add @types/systemjs
pnpm add @types/systemjs


TypeScript definitions for systemjs



variable System

const System: {
import: System.ImportFn;
register(dependencies: string[], declare: System.DeclareFn): void;
register(name: string, dependencies: string[], declare: System.DeclareFn): void;
resolve(moduleId: string, parentUrl?: string): string;
delete(moduleId: string): false | System.UpdateModuleFn;
get(moduleId: string): System.Module | null;
get<T>(moduleId: string): T;
has(moduleId: string): boolean;
set(moduleId: string, module: System.Module): void;
entries(): Iterable<[string, System.Module]>;
addImportMap(importMap: System.ImportMap): void;


    namespace System

    namespace System {}

      interface Context

      interface Context {}

        property import

        import: ImportFn;

          property meta

          meta: {
          url: string;

            interface Declare

            interface Declare {}

              property setters

              setters?: SetterFn[] | undefined;

                method execute

                execute: () => any;

                  interface ExportFn

                  interface ExportFn {}

                    call signature

                    (exportName: string, value: any): void;

                      call signature

                      (exports: object): void;

                        interface ImportMap

                        interface ImportMap {}
                        • The importmap standard is defined here: https://github.com/WICG/import-maps

                        property imports

                        imports?: Record<string, string>;

                          property scopes

                          scopes?: Record<string, Record<string, string>>;

                            interface Module

                            interface Module {}

                              property default

                              default?: any;

                                index signature

                                [exportName: string]: any;

                                  type DeclareFn

                                  type DeclareFn = (_export: ExportFn, _context: Context) => Declare;

                                    type ExecuteFn

                                    type ExecuteFn = () => any;

                                      type GetFn

                                      type GetFn = GetFnModule | GetFnGeneric;

                                        type GetFnGeneric

                                        type GetFnGeneric = <T>(moduleId: string) => T;

                                          type GetFnModule

                                          type GetFnModule = (moduleId: string) => Module;

                                            type ImportFn

                                            type ImportFn = <T extends Module>(
                                            moduleId: string,
                                            parentUrl?: string
                                            ) => Promise<T>;

                                              type SetterFn

                                              type SetterFn = (moduleValue: Module) => any;

                                                type UpdateModuleFn

                                                type UpdateModuleFn = () => void;

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