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npm i @types/tar-fs
yarn add @types/tar-fs
pnpm add @types/tar-fs


TypeScript definitions for tar-fs



function extract

extract: (cwd: string, opts?: ExtractOptions) => tarStream.Extract;

    function pack

    pack: (cwd: string, opts?: PackOptions) => tarStream.Pack;


      interface ExtractOptions

      interface ExtractOptions extends Options {}

        property filter

        filter?: ((name: string, header?: Headers) => boolean) | undefined;

          property ignore

          ignore?: ((name: string, header?: Headers) => boolean) | undefined;

            property strip

            strip?: number | undefined;

              interface Headers

              interface Headers {}

                property gid

                gid: number;

                  property mode

                  mode: number;

                    property mtime

                    mtime: Date;

                      property name

                      name: string;

                        property size

                        size: number;

                          property type

                          type: 'file' | 'directory' | 'link' | 'symlink';

                            property uid

                            uid: number;

                              interface Options

                              interface Options {}

                                property dmode

                                dmode?: number | undefined;

                                  property filter

                                  filter?: ((name: string) => boolean) | undefined;

                                    property fmode

                                    fmode?: number | undefined;

                                      property ignore

                                      ignore?: ((name: string) => boolean) | undefined;

                                        property map

                                        map?: ((header: Headers) => Headers) | undefined;

                                          property mapStream

                                          | ((fileStream: ReadStream, header: Headers) => ReadStream)
                                          | undefined;

                                            property readable

                                            readable?: boolean | undefined;

                                              property strict

                                              strict?: boolean | undefined;

                                                property writable

                                                writable?: boolean | undefined;

                                                  interface PackOptions

                                                  interface PackOptions extends Options {}

                                                    property dereference

                                                    dereference?: boolean | undefined;

                                                      property entries

                                                      entries?: string[] | undefined;

                                                        property finalize

                                                        finalize?: boolean | undefined;

                                                          property finish

                                                          finish?: ((pack: tarStream.Pack) => void) | undefined;

                                                            property pack

                                                            pack?: tarStream.Pack | undefined;

                                                              Type Aliases

                                                              type Extract

                                                              type Extract = tarStream.Extract;

                                                                type Pack

                                                                type Pack = tarStream.Pack;

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