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npm i @types/watchify
yarn add @types/watchify
pnpm add @types/watchify


TypeScript definitions for watchify



variable Watchify

var Watchify: Watchify.Constructor;


    interface Constructor

    interface Constructor {}
    • Watch mode for browserify builds. Update any source file and your browserify bundle will be recompiled on the spot

    property args

    args: { cache: any; packageCache: any };

      method close

      close: () => void;
      • Close all the open watch handles.

      call signature

      <T extends Browserify.BrowserifyObject>(b: T, opts?: Options): T;

        call signature

        (b: Browserify.BrowserifyObject, opts?: Options): Browserify.BrowserifyObject;

          interface Options

          interface Options {}

            property delay

            delay?: number | undefined;
            • The amount of time in milliseconds to wait before emitting an "update" event after a change. 100

            property ignoreWatch

            | boolean
            | (
            | string
            | RegExp
            | ((...values: any[]) => boolean)
            | Array<string | RegExp | ((...values: any[]) => boolean)>
            | undefined;
            • Ignores monitoring files for changes. If set to true, then ** /node_modules/ ** will be ignored. For other possible values see Chokidar's documentation on "ignored" Also see anymatch package: https://github.com/es128/anymatch#usage

            property poll

            poll?: boolean | number | undefined;
            • Enables polling to monitor for changes. If set to true, then a polling interval of 100 ms is used. If set to a number, then that amount of milliseconds will be the polling interval. For more info see Chokidar's documentation on "usePolling" and "interval". This option is useful if you're watching an NFS volume Also see chokidar package: https://github.com/paulmillr/chokidar#path-filtering

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