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npm i @types/webpack-node-externals
yarn add @types/webpack-node-externals
pnpm add @types/webpack-node-externals


TypeScript definitions for webpack-node-externals



function webpackNodeExternals

webpackNodeExternals: (options?: webpackNodeExternals.Options) => ExternalItem;


    interface ModulesFromFileType

    interface ModulesFromFileType {}

      property exclude

      exclude?: string | string[] | undefined;

        property include

        include?: string | string[] | undefined;

          interface Options

          interface Options {}

            property additionalModuleDirs

            additionalModuleDirs?: string[] | undefined;
            • Additional folders to look for node modules.

            property allowlist

            allowlist?: AllowlistOption[] | AllowlistOption | undefined;
            • An array for the externals to allow, so they will be included in the bundle. Can accept exact strings ('module_name'), regex patterns (/^module_name/), or a function that accepts the module name and returns whether it should be included. Important - if you have set aliases in your webpack config with the exact same names as modules in node_modules, you need to allowlist them so Webpack will know they should be bundled. []

            property binaryDirs

            binaryDirs?: string[] | undefined;
            • ['.bin']

            property importType

            | 'var'
            | 'this'
            | 'commonjs'
            | 'amd'
            | 'umd'
            | 'module'
            | ImportTypeCallback
            | undefined;
            • The method in which unbundled modules will be required in the code. Best to leave as 'commonjs' for node modules. 'commonjs'

            property includeAbsolutePaths

            includeAbsolutePaths?: boolean | undefined;
            • false

            property modulesDir

            modulesDir?: string | undefined;
            • The folder in which to search for the node modules. 'node_modules'

            property modulesFromFile

            modulesFromFile?: boolean | ModulesFromFileType | undefined;
            • Read the modules from the package.json file instead of the node_modules folder. false

            Type Aliases

            type AllowlistFunctionType

            type AllowlistFunctionType = (moduleName: string) => boolean;
            • a function that accepts the module name and returns whether it should be included

            type AllowlistOption

            type AllowlistOption = string | RegExp | AllowlistFunctionType;

              type ImportTypeCallback

              type ImportTypeCallback = (moduleName: string) => string;

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