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npm i @types/webpack-sources
yarn add @types/webpack-sources
pnpm add @types/webpack-sources


TypeScript definitions for webpack-sources



interface CachedData

interface CachedData {}

    property buffer

    buffer?: Buffer | undefined;

      property cachedData

      cachedData?: Map<any, any> | undefined;

        property size

        size?: number | undefined;

          property source

          source?: string | boolean | undefined;

            interface MapOptions

            interface MapOptions {}

              property columns

              columns?: boolean | undefined;
              • If set to false the implementation may omit mappings for columns true

              property module

              module?: boolean | undefined;
              • If set to false the implementation may omit inner mappings for modules. true

              interface Replacement

              interface Replacement {}

                property content

                readonly content: string;

                  property end

                  readonly end: number;

                    property insertIndex

                    readonly insertIndex: number;

                      property name

                      readonly name: string;

                        property start

                        readonly start: number;

                          interface SourceAndMapMixin

                          interface SourceAndMapMixin {}

                            method map

                            map: (options?: MapOptions) => RawSourceMap | null;
                            • Returns the SourceMap of the represented source code as JSON. May return null if no SourceMap is available.

                            method sourceAndMap

                            sourceAndMap: (options?: MapOptions) => SourceAndMapResult;
                            • Returns both, source code (like Source.prototype.source() and SourceMap (like Source.prototype.map()). This method could have better performance than calling source() and map() separately.

                            interface SourceAndMapResult

                            interface SourceAndMapResult {}

                              property map

                              map: RawSourceMap | null;

                                property source

                                source: string | Buffer;

                                  Type Aliases

                                  type SourceLike

                                  type SourceLike = Partial<
                                  'source' | 'buffer' | 'size' | 'map' | 'sourceAndMap' | 'updateHash'

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