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npm i @types/whatwg-encoding
yarn add @types/whatwg-encoding
pnpm add @types/whatwg-encoding


TypeScript definitions for whatwg-encoding



function decode

decode: (uint8Array: Uint8Array, fallbackEncodingName: string) => string;
  • Performs the [decode](https://encoding.spec.whatwg.org/#decode) algorithm (in which any BOM will override the passed fallback encoding).


    The resulting string.


    RangeError if an unsupported encoding is provided for fallbackEncodingName.

    Example 1

    import { decode } from "whatwg-encoding";

    console.assert(decode(new Uint8Array([0x48, 0x69]), "UTF-8") === "Hi");

function getBOMEncoding

getBOMEncoding: (uint8Array: Uint8Array) => BOMEncoding | null;
  • Sniffs the first 2–3 bytes of the supplied Uint8Array.


    One of the encoding names if the appropriate BOM is present, or null if no BOM is present.

    Example 1

    import { getBOMEncoding } from "whatwg-encoding";

    console.assert(getBOMEncoding(new Uint8Array([0xFE, 0xFF])) === "UTF-16BE"); console.assert(getBOMEncoding(new Uint8Array([0x48, 0x69])) === null);

function isSupported

isSupported: (name: string) => boolean;
  • Checks whether the encoding is one of [the encodings](https://encoding.spec.whatwg.org/#names-and-labels) of the Encoding Standard, _and_ is an encoding that this package can decode (via iconv-lite).

    Example 1

    import { isSupported } from "whatwg-encoding";

    console.assert(isSupported("IBM866") === true);

    // Not supported by the Encoding Standard console.assert(isSupported("UTF-32") === false);

    // In the Encoding Standard, but this package can't decode it console.assert(isSupported("x-mac-cyrillic") === false);

function labelToName

labelToName: (label: string) => string | null;
  • Performs the [get an encoding](https://encoding.spec.whatwg.org/#concept-encoding-get) algorithm.


    The resulting encoding's name, or null for failure.

    Example 1

    import { labelToName } from "whatwg-encoding";

    console.assert(labelToName("latin1") === "windows-1252"); console.assert(labelToName(" CYRILLic ") === "ISO-8859-5");

Type Aliases

type BOMEncoding

type BOMEncoding = 'UTF-16BE' | 'UTF-16LE' | 'UTF-8';

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