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npm i @wdio/spec-reporter
yarn add @wdio/spec-reporter
pnpm add @wdio/spec-reporter


A WebdriverIO plugin to report in spec style



class SpecReporter

class SpecReporter extends WDIOReporter {}


    constructor(options: SpecReporterOptions);

      method getColor

      getColor: (state?: string) => ChalkColors;
      • Get a color based on a given state

        Parameter state

        Test state {String} State color

      method getCountDisplay

      getCountDisplay: (duration: string) => string[];
      • Get the display for passing, failing and skipped

        Parameter duration

        Duration string {Array} Count display

      method getEnviromentCombo

      getEnviromentCombo: (
      capability: Capabilities.RemoteCapability,
      verbose?: boolean,
      isMultiremote?: boolean
      ) => string;
      • Get information about the enviroment

        Parameter capability

        Parameter verbose

        Parameter isMultiremote

        {String} Enviroment string

      method getEventsToReport

      getEventsToReport: (suite: SuiteStats) => (HookStats | TestStats)[];
      • returns everything worth reporting from a suite

        Parameter suite

        test suite containing tests and hooks {Object[]} list of events to report

      method getFailureDisplay

      getFailureDisplay: () => string[];
      • Get display for failed tests, e.g. stack trace {Array} Stack trace output

      method getHeaderDisplay

      getHeaderDisplay: (runner: RunnerStats) => string[];
      • Get the header display for the report

        Parameter runner

        Runner data {Array} Header data

      method getOrderedSuites

      getOrderedSuites: () => SuiteStats[];
      • Get suites in the order they were called {Array} Ordered suites

      method getResultDisplay

      getResultDisplay: (prefaceString?: string) => string[];
      • Get the results from the tests

        Parameter suites

        Runner suites {Array} Display output list

      method getSymbol

      getSymbol: (state?: keyof Symbols) => string;
      • Get a symbol based on state

        Parameter state

        State of a test {String} Symbol to display

      getTestLink: ({
      }: TestLink) => string[];
      • get link to saucelabs job

      method indent

      indent: (uid: string) => string;
      • Indent a suite based on where how it's nested

        Parameter uid

        Unique suite key {String} Spaces for indentation

      method onHookEnd

      onHookEnd: (hook: HookStats) => void;

        method onRunnerEnd

        onRunnerEnd: (runner: RunnerStats) => void;

          method onRunnerStart

          onRunnerStart: (runner: RunnerStats) => void;

            method onSuiteEnd

            onSuiteEnd: () => void;

              method onSuiteStart

              onSuiteStart: (suite: SuiteStats) => void;

                method onTestFail

                onTestFail: (testStat: TestStats) => void;

                  method onTestPass

                  onTestPass: (testStat: TestStats) => void;

                    method onTestSkip

                    onTestSkip: (testStat: TestStats) => void;

                      method onTestStart

                      onTestStart: () => void;

                        method printCurrentStats

                        printCurrentStats: (stat: TestStats | HookStats | SuiteStats) => void;
                        • Print the report to the stdout realtime

                        method printReport

                        printReport: (runner: RunnerStats) => void;
                        • Print the report to the screen

                        method setMessageColor

                        setMessageColor: (message: string, state?: State) => string;
                        • Parameter state

                          state of test execution

                          Parameter msg

                          the message to print in terminal


                          colord value based on chalk to print in terminal

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