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npm i ag-grid-react
yarn add ag-grid-react
pnpm add ag-grid-react


AG Grid React Component



class AgGridColumn

class AgGridColumn extends Component<
AgGridColumnProps | AgGridColumnGroupProps,
> {}

    method hasChildColumns

    static hasChildColumns: (children: any) => boolean;

      method mapChildColumnDefs

      static mapChildColumnDefs: (children: any) => any;

        method render

        render: () => any;

          method toColDef

          static toColDef: (columnProps: any) => ColDef;

            class AgGridReact

            class AgGridReact<TData = any> extends Component<
            AgGridReactProps<TData> | AgReactUiProps<TData>,
            > {}

              property api

              api: GridApi<TData>;

                property columnApi

                columnApi: ColumnApi;

                  method render

                  render: () => JSX.Element;


                    interface AgGridColumnGroupProps

                    interface AgGridColumnGroupProps extends ColGroupDef {}

                      interface AgGridColumnProps

                      interface AgGridColumnProps extends ColDef {}

                        interface AgGridReactProps

                        interface AgGridReactProps<TData = any> extends SharedProps<TData> {}

                          property children

                          children?: any;

                            property disableStaticMarkup

                            disableStaticMarkup?: boolean;

                              property legacyComponentRendering

                              legacyComponentRendering?: boolean;

                                property rowDataChangeDetectionStrategy

                                rowDataChangeDetectionStrategy?: ChangeDetectionStrategyType;

                                  interface AgReactComponent

                                  interface AgReactComponent {}

                                    property getReactContainerClasses

                                    getReactContainerClasses?: () => string[];

                                      property getReactContainerStyle

                                      getReactContainerStyle?: () => {};

                                        interface AgReactUiProps

                                        interface AgReactUiProps<TData = any> extends SharedProps<TData> {}

                                          interface ICellEditorReactComp

                                          interface ICellEditorReactComp extends ICellEditor, AgReactComponent {}

                                            interface ICellRendererReactComp

                                            interface ICellRendererReactComp extends ICellRenderer, AgReactComponent {}

                                              interface IDateReactComp

                                              interface IDateReactComp extends IDate, AgReactComponent {}

                                                interface IFilterReactComp

                                                interface IFilterReactComp extends IFilter, AgReactComponent {}

                                                  interface IFloatingFilterReactComp

                                                  interface IFloatingFilterReactComp extends IFloatingFilter, AgReactComponent {}

                                                    interface IHeaderGroupReactComp

                                                    interface IHeaderGroupReactComp extends IHeaderGroup, AgReactComponent {}

                                                      interface IHeaderReactComp

                                                      interface IHeaderReactComp extends IHeader, AgReactComponent {}

                                                        interface ILoadingCellRendererReactComp

                                                        interface ILoadingCellRendererReactComp extends AgReactComponent {}

                                                          interface ILoadingOverlayReactComp

                                                          interface ILoadingOverlayReactComp extends AgReactComponent {}

                                                            interface INoRowsOverlayReactComp

                                                            interface INoRowsOverlayReactComp extends AgReactComponent {}

                                                              interface IStatusPanelReactComp

                                                              interface IStatusPanelReactComp extends IStatusPanel, AgReactComponent {}

                                                                interface IToolPanelReactComp

                                                                interface IToolPanelReactComp extends IToolPanel, AgReactComponent {}

                                                                  interface ITooltipReactComp

                                                                  interface ITooltipReactComp extends AgReactComponent {}

                                                                    interface SharedProps

                                                                    interface SharedProps<TData = any> extends GridOptions<TData> {}

                                                                      property className

                                                                      className?: string;

                                                                        property componentWrappingElement

                                                                        componentWrappingElement?: string;

                                                                          property containerStyle

                                                                          containerStyle?: any;

                                                                            property gridOptions

                                                                            gridOptions?: GridOptions<TData>;

                                                                              property maxComponentCreationTimeMs

                                                                              maxComponentCreationTimeMs?: number;

                                                                                property modules

                                                                                modules?: Module[];

                                                                                  property setGridApi

                                                                                  setGridApi?: (gridApi: GridApi<TData>, columnApi: ColumnApi) => void;

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