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npm i autoprefixer
yarn add autoprefixer
pnpm add autoprefixer


Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from the Can I Use website



variable data

let data: {
browsers: { [browser: string]: object };
prefixes: { [prefixName: string]: object };
  • Autoprefixer data

variable defaults

let defaults: string[];
  • Autoprefixer default browsers

variable info

let info: (options?: { from?: string }) => string;
  • Inspect with default Autoprefixer

variable postcss

let postcss: boolean;


    function autoprefixer

    autoprefixer: typeof autoprefixer;


      interface ExportedAPI

      interface ExportedAPI {}

        property browsers

        browsers: string | string[];

          property data

          data: {
          browsers: { [browser: string]: object | undefined };
          prefixes: { [prefixName: string]: object | undefined };
          • Autoprefixer data

          property defaults

          defaults: string[];
          • Autoprefixer default browsers

          property options

          options: Options;

            method info

            info: (options?: { from?: string }) => string;
            • Inspect with default Autoprefixer

            interface Options

            interface Options {}

              property add

              add?: boolean;
              • should Autoprefixer add prefixes.

              property cascade

              cascade?: boolean;
              • should Autoprefixer use Visual Cascade, if CSS is uncompressed

              property env

              env?: string;
              • environment for Browserslist

              property flexbox

              flexbox?: boolean | 'no-2009';
              • should Autoprefixer add prefixes for flexbox properties

              property grid

              grid?: boolean | GridValue;
              • should Autoprefixer add IE 10-11 prefixes for Grid Layout properties

              property ignoreUnknownVersions

              ignoreUnknownVersions?: boolean;
              • do not raise error on unknown browser version in Browserslist config.

              property overrideBrowserslist

              overrideBrowserslist?: string | string[];
              • list of queries for target browsers. Try to not use it. The best practice is to use .browserslistrc config or browserslist key in package.json to share target browsers with Babel, ESLint and Stylelint

              property remove

              remove?: boolean;
              • should Autoprefixer [remove outdated] prefixes

              property stats

              stats?: Stats;
              • custom usage statistics for > 10% in my stats browsers query

              property supports

              supports?: boolean;
              • should Autoprefixer add prefixes for parameters.

              Type Aliases

              type GridValue

              type GridValue = 'autoplace' | 'no-autoplace';


                namespace global

                namespace global {}

                  namespace global.NodeJS

                  namespace global.NodeJS {}

                    interface ProcessEnv

                    interface ProcessEnv {}

                      property AUTOPREFIXER_GRID

                      AUTOPREFIXER_GRID?: autoprefixer.GridValue;

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