• Version 8.2.25
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  • BSD-3-Clause license


npm i babel-plugin-react-intl
yarn add babel-plugin-react-intl
pnpm add babel-plugin-react-intl


Extracts string messages for translation from modules that use React Intl.



variable _default

const _default: any;


    interface OptionsSchema

    interface OptionsSchema {}
    • This file was automatically generated by json-schema-to-typescript. DO NOT MODIFY IT BY HAND. Instead, modify the source JSONSchema file, and run json-schema-to-typescript to regenerate this file.

    property additionalComponentNames

    additionalComponentNames?: string[];

      property ast

      ast?: boolean;

        property extractFromFormatMessageCall

        extractFromFormatMessageCall?: boolean;

          property extractSourceLocation

          extractSourceLocation?: boolean;

            property idInterpolationPattern

            idInterpolationPattern?: string;

              property moduleSourceName

              moduleSourceName?: string;

                property overrideIdFn

                overrideIdFn?: (
                id?: string,
                defaultMessage?: string,
                description?: string,
                filePath?: string
                ) => string;

                  property pragma

                  pragma?: string;

                    property removeDefaultMessage

                    removeDefaultMessage?: boolean;

                      Type Aliases

                      type ExtractedMessageDescriptor

                      type ExtractedMessageDescriptor = MessageDescriptor &
                      Partial<SourceLocation> & {
                      file?: string;

                        type ExtractionResult

                        type ExtractionResult<M = Record<string, string>> = {
                        messages: ExtractedMessageDescriptor[];
                        meta: M;


                          namespace @babel/helper-plugin-utils

                          module '@babel/helper-plugin-utils' {}

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