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npm i browserslist
yarn add browserslist
pnpm add browserslist


Share target browsers between different front-end tools, like Autoprefixer, Stylelint and babel-env-preset



variable aliases

let aliases: { [alias: string]: string };
  • Browser names aliases.

variable cache

let cache: { [feature: string]: { [name: string]: 'y' | 'n' } };

    variable data

    let data: {
    [browser: string]: {
    name: string;
    versions: string[];
    released: string[];
    releaseDate: { [version: string]: number };

      variable defaults

      let defaults: readonly string[];
      • Default browsers query

      variable desktopNames

      let desktopNames: { [browser: string]: string };
      • Can I Use only provides a few versions for some browsers (e.g. and_chr).

        Fallback to a similar browser for unknown versions.

      variable usage

      let usage: { [country: string]: Usage; global?: Usage; custom?: Usage | null };

        variable versionAliases

        let versionAliases: { [browser: string]: { [version: string]: string } };
        • Aliases to work with joined versions like ios_saf 7.0-7.1.


        function browserslist

        browserslist: typeof browserslist;
        • Return array of browsers by selection queries.

          browserslist('IE >= 10, IE 8') //=> ['ie 11', 'ie 10', 'ie 8']

          Parameter queries

          Browser queries.


          Array with browser names in Can I Use.

        function clearCaches

        clearCaches: () => void;

          function coverage

          coverage: (browsers: readonly string[], stats?: StatsOptions) => number;
          • Return browsers market coverage.

            browserslist.coverage(browserslist('> 1% in US'), 'US') //=> 83.1

            Parameter browsers

            Browsers names in Can I Use.

            Parameter stats

            Which statistics should be used.


            Total market coverage for all selected browsers.

          function findConfig

          findConfig: (...pathSegments: string[]) => Config | undefined;

            function loadConfig

            loadConfig: (options: LoadConfigOptions) => string[] | undefined;

              function parseConfig

              parseConfig: (string: string) => Config;

                function readConfig

                readConfig: (file: string) => Config;


                  interface LoadConfigOptions

                  interface LoadConfigOptions {}

                    property config

                    config?: string;

                      property env

                      env?: string;

                        property path

                        path?: string;

                          interface Options

                          interface Options {}

                            property config

                            config?: string;
                            • Path to config file with queries.

                            property dangerousExtend

                            dangerousExtend?: boolean;
                            • Disable security checks for extend query.

                            property env

                            env?: string;
                            • Processing environment. It will be used to take right queries from config file.

                            property ignoreUnknownVersions

                            ignoreUnknownVersions?: boolean;
                            • Do not throw on unknown version in direct query.

                            property mobileToDesktop

                            mobileToDesktop?: boolean;
                            • Alias mobile browsers to the desktop version when Can I Use doesn’t have data about the specified version.

                            property path

                            path?: string | false;
                            • Path to processed file. It will be used to find config files.

                            property stats

                            stats?: Stats | string;
                            • Custom browser usage statistics for "> 1% in my stats" query.

                            interface Stats

                            interface Stats {}

                              index signature

                              [browser: string]: {
                              [version: string]: number;

                                interface Usage

                                interface Usage {}

                                  index signature

                                  [version: string]: number;

                                    Type Aliases

                                    type Config

                                    type Config = {
                                    defaults: string[];
                                    [section: string]: string[] | undefined;

                                      type StatsOptions

                                      type StatsOptions = string | 'my stats' | Stats | { dataByBrowser: Stats };
                                      • Which statistics should be used. Country code or custom statistics. Pass "my stats" to load statistics from Browserslist files.


                                      namespace global

                                      namespace global {}

                                        namespace global.NodeJS

                                        namespace global.NodeJS {}

                                          interface ProcessEnv

                                          interface ProcessEnv {}

                                            property BROWSERSLIST

                                            BROWSERSLIST?: string;

                                              property BROWSERSLIST_CONFIG

                                              BROWSERSLIST_CONFIG?: string;

                                                property BROWSERSLIST_DANGEROUS_EXTEND

                                                BROWSERSLIST_DANGEROUS_EXTEND?: string;

                                                  property BROWSERSLIST_DISABLE_CACHE

                                                  BROWSERSLIST_DISABLE_CACHE?: string;

                                                    property BROWSERSLIST_ENV

                                                    BROWSERSLIST_ENV?: string;

                                                      property BROWSERSLIST_IGNORE_OLD_DATA

                                                      BROWSERSLIST_IGNORE_OLD_DATA?: string;

                                                        property BROWSERSLIST_STATS

                                                        BROWSERSLIST_STATS?: string;

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