• Version 2.1.0
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  • BSD-2-Clause license


npm i cheerio-select
yarn add cheerio-select
pnpm add cheerio-select


CSS selector engine supporting jQuery selectors



function filter

filter: (selector: string, elements: AnyNode[], options?: Options) => Element[];

    function is

    is: (
    element: Element,
    selector: string | ((el: Element) => boolean),
    options?: Options
    ) => boolean;

      function select

      select: (
      selector: string | ((el: Element) => boolean),
      root: AnyNode | AnyNode[],
      options?: Options,
      limit?: number
      ) => Element[];

        function some

        some: (
        elements: Element[],
        selector: string | ((el: Element) => boolean),
        options?: Options
        ) => boolean;


          interface Options

          interface Options extends CSSSelectOptions<AnyNode, Element> {}

            property root

            root?: Document;
            • Optional reference to the root of the document. If not set, this will be computed when needed.

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