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npm i chokidar
yarn add chokidar
pnpm add chokidar


Minimal and efficient cross-platform file watching library



function watch

watch: (
paths: string | ReadonlyArray<string>,
options?: WatchOptions
) => FSWatcher;
  • produces an instance of FSWatcher.


class FSWatcher

class FSWatcher extends EventEmitter implements fs.FSWatcher {}


    constructor(options?: WatchOptions);
    • Constructs a new FSWatcher instance with optional WatchOptions parameter.

    property options

    options: WatchOptions;

      method add

      add: (paths: string | ReadonlyArray<string>) => this;
      • Add files, directories, or glob patterns for tracking. Takes an array of strings or just one string.

      method close

      close: () => Promise<void>;
      • Removes all listeners from watched files.

      method getWatched

      getWatched: () => { [directory: string]: string[] };
      • Returns an object representing all the paths on the file system being watched by this FSWatcher instance. The object's keys are all the directories (using absolute paths unless the cwd option was used), and the values are arrays of the names of the items contained in each directory.

      method on

      on: {
      event: 'add' | 'addDir' | 'change',
      listener: (path: string, stats?: fs.Stats) => void
      ): this;
      event: 'all',
      listener: (
      eventName: 'add' | 'addDir' | 'change' | 'unlink' | 'unlinkDir',
      path: string,
      stats?: fs.Stats
      ) => void
      ): this;
      (event: 'error', listener: (error: Error) => void): this;
      event: 'raw',
      listener: (eventName: string, path: string, details: any) => void
      ): this;
      (event: 'ready', listener: () => void): this;
      (event: 'unlink' | 'unlinkDir', listener: (path: string) => void): this;
      (event: string, listener: (...args: any[]) => void): this;
      • Error occurred

      • Exposes the native Node fs.FSWatcher events

      • Fires when the initial scan is complete

      method ref

      ref: () => this;

        method unref

        unref: () => this;

          method unwatch

          unwatch: (paths: string | ReadonlyArray<string>) => this;
          • Stop watching files, directories, or glob patterns. Takes an array of strings or just one string.


          interface AwaitWriteFinishOptions

          interface AwaitWriteFinishOptions {}

            property pollInterval

            pollInterval?: number;
            • File size polling interval.

            property stabilityThreshold

            stabilityThreshold?: number;
            • Amount of time in milliseconds for a file size to remain constant before emitting its event.

            interface WatchOptions

            interface WatchOptions {}

              property alwaysStat

              alwaysStat?: boolean;
              • If relying upon the [fs.Stats]( object that may get passed with add, addDir, and change events, set this to true to ensure it is provided even in cases where it wasn't already available from the underlying watch events.

              property atomic

              atomic?: boolean | number;
              • true if useFsEvents and usePolling are false). Automatically filters out artifacts that occur when using editors that use "atomic writes" instead of writing directly to the source file. If a file is re-added within 100 ms of being deleted, Chokidar emits a change event rather than unlink then add. If the default of 100 ms does not work well for you, you can override it by setting atomic to a custom value, in milliseconds.

              property awaitWriteFinish

              awaitWriteFinish?: AwaitWriteFinishOptions | boolean;
              • can be set to an object in order to adjust timing params:

              property binaryInterval

              binaryInterval?: number;
              • Interval of file system polling for binary files. ([see list of binary extensions](https://gi

              property cwd

              cwd?: string;
              • The base directory from which watch paths are to be derived. Paths emitted with events will be relative to this.

              property depth

              depth?: number;
              • If set, limits how many levels of subdirectories will be traversed.

              property disableGlobbing

              disableGlobbing?: boolean;
              • If set to true then the strings passed to .watch() and .add() are treated as literal path names, even if they look like globs. Default: false.

              followSymlinks?: boolean;
              • When false, only the symlinks themselves will be watched for changes instead of following the link references and bubbling events through the link's path.

              property ignored

              ignored?: Matcher;
              • ([anymatch]( definition) Defines files/paths to be ignored. The whole relative or absolute path is tested, not just filename. If a function with two arguments is provided, it gets called twice per path - once with a single argument (the path), second time with two arguments (the path and the [fs.Stats]( object of that path).

              property ignoreInitial

              ignoreInitial?: boolean;
              • If set to false then add/addDir events are also emitted for matching paths while instantiating the watching as chokidar discovers these file paths (before the ready event).

              property ignorePermissionErrors

              ignorePermissionErrors?: boolean;
              • Indicates whether to watch files that don't have read permissions if possible. If watching fails due to EPERM or EACCES with this set to true, the errors will be suppressed silently.

              property interval

              interval?: number;
              • Interval of file system polling.

              property persistent

              persistent?: boolean;
              • Indicates whether the process should continue to run as long as files are being watched. If set to false when using fsevents to watch, no more events will be emitted after ready, even if the process continues to run.

              property useFsEvents

              useFsEvents?: boolean;
              • Whether to use the fsevents watching interface if available. When set to true explicitly and fsevents is available this supercedes the usePolling setting. When set to false on OS X, usePolling: true becomes the default.

              property usePolling

              usePolling?: boolean;
              • Whether to use fs.watchFile (backed by polling), or If polling leads to high CPU utilization, consider setting this to false. It is typically necessary to **set this to true to successfully watch files over a network**, and it may be necessary to successfully watch files in other non-standard situations. Setting to true explicitly on OS X overrides the useFsEvents default.

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