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npm i code-push
yarn add code-push
pnpm add code-push


Management SDK for the CodePush service



class AccountManager

class AccountManager {}


    accessKey: string,
    customHeaders?: Headers,
    serverUrl?: string,
    proxy?: string

      property accessKey

      readonly accessKey: string;

        property AppPermission

        static AppPermission: { OWNER: string; COLLABORATOR: string };

          method addAccessKey

          addAccessKey: (friendlyName: string, ttl?: number) => Promise<AccessKey>;

            method addApp

            addApp: (
            appName: string,
            appOs: string,
            appPlatform: string,
            manuallyProvisionDeployments?: boolean
            ) => Promise<App>;

              method addCollaborator

              addCollaborator: (appName: string, email: string) => Promise<void>;

                method addDeployment

                addDeployment: (appName: string, deploymentName: string) => Promise<Deployment>;

                  method clearDeploymentHistory

                  clearDeploymentHistory: (
                  appName: string,
                  deploymentName: string
                  ) => Promise<void>;

                    method getAccessKey

                    getAccessKey: (accessKeyName: string) => CodePushError;

                      method getAccessKeys

                      getAccessKeys: () => Promise<AccessKey[]>;

                        method getAccountInfo

                        getAccountInfo: () => Promise<Account>;

                          method getApp

                          getApp: (appName: string) => Promise<App>;

                            method getApps

                            getApps: () => Promise<App[]>;

                              method getCollaborators

                              getCollaborators: (appName: string) => Promise<CollaboratorMap>;

                                method getDeployment

                                getDeployment: (appName: string, deploymentName: string) => Promise<Deployment>;

                                  method getDeploymentHistory

                                  getDeploymentHistory: (
                                  appName: string,
                                  deploymentName: string
                                  ) => Promise<Package[]>;

                                    method getDeploymentMetrics

                                    getDeploymentMetrics: (
                                    appName: string,
                                    deploymentName: string
                                    ) => Promise<DeploymentMetrics>;

                                      method getDeployments

                                      getDeployments: (appName: string) => Promise<Deployment[]>;

                                        method getSessions

                                        getSessions: () => CodePushError;

                                          method isAuthenticated

                                          isAuthenticated: (throwIfUnauthorized?: boolean) => Promise<boolean>;

                                            method patchAccessKey

                                            patchAccessKey: (
                                            oldName: string,
                                            newName?: string,
                                            ttl?: number
                                            ) => CodePushError;

                                              method patchRelease

                                              patchRelease: (
                                              appName: string,
                                              deploymentName: string,
                                              label: string,
                                              updateMetadata: PackageInfo
                                              ) => Promise<void>;

                                                method promote

                                                promote: (
                                                appName: string,
                                                sourceDeploymentName: string,
                                                destinationDeploymentName: string,
                                                updateMetadata: PackageInfo
                                                ) => Promise<Package>;

                                                  method release

                                                  release: (
                                                  appName: string,
                                                  deploymentName: string,
                                                  filePath: string,
                                                  targetBinaryVersion: string,
                                                  updateMetadata: PackageInfo,
                                                  uploadProgressCallback?: (progress: number) => void
                                                  ) => Promise<Package>;

                                                    method removeAccessKey

                                                    removeAccessKey: (name: string) => Promise<void>;

                                                      method removeApp

                                                      removeApp: (appName: string) => Promise<void>;

                                                        method removeCollaborator

                                                        removeCollaborator: (appName: string, email: string) => Promise<void>;

                                                          method removeDeployment

                                                          removeDeployment: (appName: string, deploymentName: string) => Promise<void>;

                                                            method removeSession

                                                            removeSession: (machineName: string) => CodePushError;

                                                              method renameApp

                                                              renameApp: (oldAppName: string, newAppName: string) => Promise<void>;

                                                                method renameDeployment

                                                                renameDeployment: (
                                                                appName: string,
                                                                oldDeploymentName: string,
                                                                newDeploymentName: string
                                                                ) => Promise<void>;

                                                                  method rollback

                                                                  rollback: (
                                                                  appName: string,
                                                                  deploymentName: string,
                                                                  targetRelease?: string
                                                                  ) => Promise<void>;

                                                                    method transferApp

                                                                    transferApp: (appName: string, orgName: string) => Promise<void>;

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