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npm i cspell
yarn add cspell
pnpm add cspell


A Spelling Checker for Code!



function checkText

checkText: (
filename: string,
options: BaseOptions & LegacyOptions
) => Promise<CheckTextResult>;

    function createInit

    createInit: () => Promise<void>;

      function getDefaultReporter

      getDefaultReporter: (
      options: ReporterOptions,
      config?: ReporterConfiguration
      ) => CSpellReporter;

        function lint

        lint: (
        fileGlobs: string[],
        options: LinterCliOptions,
        reporter?: CSpellReporter
        ) => Promise<RunResult>;

          function parseApplicationFeatureFlags

          parseApplicationFeatureFlags: (flags: string[] | undefined) => FeatureFlags;

            function suggestions

            suggestions: (
            words: string[],
            options: SuggestionOptions
            ) => AsyncIterable<TimedSuggestionsForWordResult>;

              function trace

              trace: (
              words: string[],
              options: TraceOptions
              ) => AsyncIterableIterator<TraceWordResult>;


                interface BaseOptions

                interface BaseOptions {}

                  property config

                  config?: string;
                  • Path to configuration file.

                  property defaultConfiguration

                  defaultConfiguration?: boolean;
                  • Load the default configuration true

                  property exitCode

                  exitCode?: boolean;
                  • Return an exit code if there are issues found. true

                  property flag

                  flag?: string[];
                  • Execution flags. Used primarily for releasing experimental features. Flags are of the form key:value

                  property languageId

                  languageId?: string;
                  • Programming Language ID.

                  property locale

                  locale?: string;
                  • Locale to use.

                  property validateDirectives

                  validateDirectives?: boolean;
                  • Check In-Document CSpell directives for correctness.

                  interface CSpellApplicationOptions

                  interface LinterCliOptions extends LinterOptions {}

                    property issues

                    issues?: boolean;
                    • Show issues

                    property issuesSummaryReport

                    issuesSummaryReport?: boolean;
                    • Generate a summary report of issues.

                    property legacy

                    legacy?: boolean;
                    • Show legacy output

                    property mustFindFiles

                    mustFindFiles?: boolean;
                    • Files must be found or cli will exit with an error.

                    property progress

                    progress?: boolean;
                    • Show progress

                    property relative

                    relative?: boolean;
                    • issues are shown with a relative path to the root or cwd

                    property showPerfSummary

                    showPerfSummary?: boolean;
                    • Generate a summary report of performance.

                    property silent

                    silent?: boolean;
                    • Run in silent mode. false

                    property summary

                    summary?: boolean;
                    • Show summary at the end

                    interface TraceOptions

                    interface TraceOptions extends BaseOptions {}

                      property all

                      all?: boolean;

                        property allowCompoundWords

                        allowCompoundWords?: boolean;

                          property dictionaryPath

                          dictionaryPath?: 'hide' | 'long' | 'short' | 'full';

                            property ignoreCase

                            ignoreCase?: boolean;

                              property onlyFound

                              onlyFound?: boolean;

                                property stdin

                                stdin?: boolean;

                                  Type Aliases

                                  type AppError

                                  type AppError = NodeJS.ErrnoException;

                                    type CheckTextResult

                                    type CheckTextResult = CheckTextInfo;

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