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npm i devcert-san
yarn add devcert-san
pnpm add devcert-san


Generate trusted local SSL/TLS certificates for local SSL development





function devcert

devcert: (
appName: string,
options?: { installCertutil?: boolean }
) => Promise<{ keyPath: string; certPath: string; key: any; cert: any }>;
  • Request an SSL certificate for the given app name signed by the devcert root certificate authority. If devcert has previously generated a certificate for that app name on this machine, it will reuse that certificate.

    If this is the first time devcert is being run on this machine, it will generate and attempt to install a root certificate authority.

    Returns a promise that resolves with { keyPath, certPath, key, cert }, where key and cert are Buffers with the contents of keyPath and certPath, respectively.


namespace command-exists

module 'command-exists' {}

    namespace eol

    module 'eol' {}

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