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npm i dom-serializer
yarn add dom-serializer
pnpm add dom-serializer


render domhandler DOM nodes to a string



function render

render: (
node: AnyNode | ArrayLike<AnyNode>,
options?: DomSerializerOptions
) => string;
  • Renders a DOM node or an array of DOM nodes to a string.

    Can be thought of as the equivalent of the outerHTML of the passed node(s).

    Parameter node

    Node to be rendered.

    Parameter options

    Changes serialization behavior


interface DomSerializerOptions

interface DomSerializerOptions {}

    property decodeEntities

    decodeEntities?: boolean;
    • Option inherited from parsing; will be used as the default value for encodeEntities.


    property emptyAttrs

    emptyAttrs?: boolean;
    • Print an empty attribute's value.


      Example 1

      With emptyAttrs: false: &lt;input checked&gt;

      Example 2

      With emptyAttrs: true: &lt;input checked=""&gt;

    property encodeEntities

    encodeEntities?: boolean | 'utf8';
    • Encode characters that are either reserved in HTML or XML.

      If xmlMode is true or the value not 'utf8', characters outside of the utf8 range will be encoded as well.


    property selfClosingTags

    selfClosingTags?: boolean;
    • Print self-closing tags for tags without contents.


      Example 1

      With selfClosingTags: false: &lt;foo&gt;&lt;/foo&gt;

      Example 2

      With selfClosingTags: true: &lt;foo /&gt;

    property xmlMode

    xmlMode?: boolean | 'foreign';
    • Treat the input as an XML document; enables the emptyAttrs and selfClosingTags options.

      If the value is "foreign", it will try to correct mixed-case attribute names.


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