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npm i easyimage
yarn add easyimage
pnpm add easyimage


A promise-based, user-friendly module for processing images in Node.js



function convert

convert: (options: IConvertOptions) => Promise<IInfoResult>;
  • Converts an image from one format to another.

    Parameter options



function crop

crop: (options: ICropOptions) => Promise<IInfoResult>;
  • Crops an image.

    Parameter options



function execute

execute: (command: string, args: string[]) => Promise<IImageMagickCommandResult>;
  • Executes a command with arguments and returns the stdout and stderr.

    Parameter command

    the command to run (convert, identify, etc).

    Parameter args



function getImageMagickVersion

getImageMagickVersion: (fresh?: boolean) => Promise<number>;
  • Returns the latest available version of ImageMagick

    Parameter fresh

    Do not used previously found version



function info

info: (filePath: string) => Promise<IInfoResult>;
  • Returns information about an image.

    Parameter filePath

    Path to the image file.



function rescrop

rescrop: (options: IResCropOptions) => Promise<IInfoResult>;
  • Resizes and crops an image.

    Parameter options



function resize

resize: (options: IResizeOptions) => Promise<IInfoResult>;
  • Resizes an image.

    Parameter options



function rotate

rotate: (options: IRotateOptions) => Promise<IInfoResult>;
  • Rotates an image by a specified number of degrees.

    Parameter options



function thumbnail

thumbnail: (options: IThumbnailOptions) => Promise<IInfoResult>;
  • Creates a thumbnail of an image.

    Parameter options




class BadDestinationError

class BadDestinationError extends Error {}



      class ImageMagickMissingError

      class ImageMagickMissingError extends Error {}



          class MissingExtensionError

          class MissingExtensionError extends Error {}


            constructor(srcFile: string);

              class MissingOptionsError

              class MissingOptionsError extends Error {}


                constructor(options: string[]);

                  class UnsupportedError

                  class UnsupportedError extends Error {}


                    constructor(err: string);


                      interface IConvertOptions

                      interface IConvertOptions extends IBaseOptions {}

                        interface ICropOptions

                        interface ICropOptions extends IBaseOptions {}

                          property cropheight

                          cropheight?: number;
                          • Height of cropped image.


                          property cropHeight

                          cropHeight?: number;
                          • Height of cropped image. cropWidth

                          property cropwidth

                          cropwidth?: number;
                          • Width of cropped image.


                          property cropWidth

                          cropWidth: number;
                          • Width of cropped image.

                          property gravity

                          gravity?: string;
                          • Gravity for crop.

                            See Also

                            • https://www.imagemagick.org/script/command-line-options.php#gravity

                          property x

                          x?: number;
                          • Left distance of crop 0

                          property y

                          y?: number;
                          • Top distance of crop 0

                          interface IDensity

                          interface IDensity {}

                            property x

                            x: number;

                              property y

                              y: number;

                                interface IImageMagickCommandResult

                                interface IImageMagickCommandResult {}

                                  property stderr

                                  stderr: string;

                                    property stdout

                                    stdout: string;

                                      interface IInfoResult

                                      interface IInfoResult {}

                                        property density

                                        density: IDensity;
                                        • The density of the image.

                                        property depth

                                        depth: number;
                                        • The number of bits in a color sample within a pixel.

                                        property frames

                                        frames: number;
                                        • Number of frames in image.

                                        property height

                                        height: number;
                                        • The height of the image.

                                        property name

                                        name: string;
                                        • The filename (excluding the path) of the image.

                                        property orientation

                                        orientation: string;
                                        • Orientation of the image.

                                        property path

                                        path: string;
                                        • The path to the image.

                                        property size

                                        size: number;
                                        • The filesize of the image in bytes.

                                        property type

                                        type: string;
                                        • Type of file.

                                        property warnings

                                        warnings?: string;
                                        • Any warnings that ImageMagick may have output.

                                        property width

                                        width: number;
                                        • The width of the image.

                                        interface IResCropOptions

                                        interface IResCropOptions extends ICropOptions, IResizeOptions {}

                                          interface IResizeOptions

                                          interface IResizeOptions extends IBaseOptions {}

                                            property height

                                            height?: number;
                                            • Height of resized image. cropWidth

                                            property ignoreAspectRatio

                                            ignoreAspectRatio?: boolean;
                                            • Ignore aspect ratio when resizing. false

                                            property onlyDownscale

                                            onlyDownscale?: boolean;
                                            • Only reduce the size of the image. Do not increase it. false

                                            property width

                                            width: number;
                                            • Width of resized image.

                                            interface IRotateOptions

                                            interface IRotateOptions extends IBaseOptions {}

                                              property degree

                                              degree: number;
                                              • Number of degrees to rotate the image.

                                              interface IThumbnailOptions

                                              interface IThumbnailOptions extends IBaseOptions {}

                                                property gravity

                                                gravity?: string;
                                                • Gravity for sizing.

                                                  See Also

                                                  • https://www.imagemagick.org/script/command-line-options.php#gravity

                                                property height

                                                height: number;
                                                • Height of thumbnail.

                                                property interpolate

                                                interpolate?: string;
                                                • Interpolate the thumbnail.

                                                property width

                                                width: number;
                                                • Width of thumbnail.

                                                property x

                                                x?: number;
                                                • X offset for thumbnail.

                                                property y

                                                y?: number;
                                                • Y offset for thumbnail.

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