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npm i ecmarkup
yarn add ecmarkup
pnpm add ecmarkup


Custom element definitions and core utilities for markup that specifies ECMAScript and related technologies.



function build

build: (
path: string,
fetch: (path: string, token: CancellationToken) => PromiseLike<string>,
opts?: Options,
token?: CancellationToken
) => Promise<Spec>;


    class Boilerplate

    class Boilerplate {}

      property address

      address?: string;

        property copyright

        copyright?: string;

          property license

          license?: string;


            interface Options

            interface Options {}

              property assets

              assets?: 'none' | 'inline' | 'external';

                property assetsDir

                assetsDir?: string;

                  property boilerplate

                  boilerplate?: Boilerplate;

                    property contributors

                    contributors?: string;

                      property copyright

                      copyright?: boolean;

                        property cssOut

                        cssOut?: never;

                          property date

                          date?: Date;

                            property extraBiblios

                            extraBiblios?: ExportedBiblio[];

                              property jsOut

                              jsOut?: never;

                                property lintSpec

                                lintSpec?: boolean;

                                  property location

                                  location?: string;

                                    property log

                                    log?: (msg: string) => void;

                                      property markEffects

                                      markEffects?: boolean;

                                        property multipage

                                        multipage?: boolean;

                                          property oldToc

                                          oldToc?: boolean;

                                            property outfile

                                            outfile?: string;

                                              property shortname

                                              shortname?: string;

                                                property stage

                                                stage?: string | null;

                                                  property status

                                                  status?: 'proposal' | 'draft' | 'standard';

                                                    property title

                                                    title?: string;

                                                      property toc

                                                      toc?: boolean;

                                                        property version

                                                        version?: string;

                                                          property warn

                                                          warn?: (err: EcmarkupError) => void;

                                                            interface Spec

                                                            interface Spec {}

                                                              property generatedFiles

                                                              generatedFiles: Map<string | null, string | Buffer>;

                                                                property namespace

                                                                namespace: string;

                                                                  property opts

                                                                  opts: Options;

                                                                    property rootDir

                                                                    rootDir: string;

                                                                      property rootPath

                                                                      rootPath: string;

                                                                        property spec

                                                                        spec: this;

                                                                          method exportBiblio

                                                                          exportBiblio: () => any;

                                                                            Type Aliases

                                                                            type BiblioEntry

                                                                            type BiblioEntry =
                                                                            | AlgorithmBiblioEntry
                                                                            | ProductionBiblioEntry
                                                                            | ClauseBiblioEntry
                                                                            | TermBiblioEntry
                                                                            | FigureBiblioEntry
                                                                            | StepBiblioEntry;

                                                                              type EcmarkupError

                                                                              type EcmarkupError = {
                                                                              ruleId: string;
                                                                              message: string;
                                                                              file?: string;
                                                                              source?: string;
                                                                              line?: number;
                                                                              column?: number;
                                                                              nodeType?: string;

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