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npm i electron-builder-core
yarn add electron-builder-core
pnpm add electron-builder-core


Part of [electron-builder](https://github.com/electron-userland/electron-builder).



namespace electron-builder-core

module 'electron-builder-core' {}

    variable DEFAULT_TARGET

    const DEFAULT_TARGET: string;

      variable DIR_TARGET

      const DIR_TARGET: string;

        function archFromString

        archFromString: (name: string) => Arch;

          function getArchSuffix

          getArchSuffix: (arch: Arch) => string;

            function toLinuxArchString

            toLinuxArchString: (arch: Arch) => 'armv7l' | 'i386' | 'amd64';

              class Platform

              class Platform {}


                constructor(name: string, buildConfigurationKey: string, nodeName: string);

                  property buildConfigurationKey

                  buildConfigurationKey: string;

                    property LINUX

                    static LINUX: Platform;

                      property MAC

                      static MAC: Platform;

                        property name

                        name: string;

                          property nodeName

                          nodeName: string;

                            property OSX

                            static OSX: Platform;

                              property WINDOWS

                              static WINDOWS: Platform;

                                method createTarget

                                createTarget: (
                                type?: string | Array<string> | null,
                                ...archs: Array<Arch>
                                ) => Map<Platform, Map<Arch, Array<string>>>;

                                  method current

                                  static current: () => Platform;

                                    method fromString

                                    static fromString: (name: string) => Platform;

                                      method toString

                                      toString: () => string;

                                        class Target

                                        abstract class Target {}


                                          constructor(name: string, isAsyncSupported?: boolean);

                                            property isAsyncSupported

                                            readonly isAsyncSupported: boolean;

                                              property name

                                              readonly name: string;

                                                property options

                                                abstract readonly options: TargetSpecificOptions;

                                                  property outDir

                                                  abstract readonly outDir: string;

                                                    method build

                                                    abstract build: (appOutDir: string, arch: Arch) => Promise<any>;

                                                      method finishBuild

                                                      finishBuild: () => Promise<any>;

                                                        interface BeforeBuildContext

                                                        interface BeforeBuildContext {}

                                                          property appDir

                                                          readonly appDir: string;

                                                            property arch

                                                            readonly arch: string;

                                                              property electronVersion

                                                              readonly electronVersion: string;

                                                                property platform

                                                                readonly platform: Platform;

                                                                  interface SourceRepositoryInfo

                                                                  interface SourceRepositoryInfo {}

                                                                    property domain

                                                                    domain?: string;

                                                                      property project

                                                                      project: string;

                                                                        property type

                                                                        type?: string;

                                                                          property user

                                                                          user: string;

                                                                            interface TargetConfig

                                                                            interface TargetConfig {}

                                                                              property arch

                                                                              readonly arch?: Array<'x64' | 'ia32' | 'armv7l'> | string;
                                                                              • The arch or list of archs.

                                                                              property target

                                                                              readonly target: string;
                                                                              • The target name. e.g. snap.

                                                                              interface TargetSpecificOptions

                                                                              interface TargetSpecificOptions {}

                                                                                property artifactName

                                                                                readonly artifactName?: string | null;
                                                                                • The [artifact file name pattern](https://github.com/electron-userland/electron-builder/wiki/Options#artifact-file-name-pattern).

                                                                                property publish

                                                                                readonly publish?: Publish;

                                                                                  enum Arch

                                                                                  enum Arch {
                                                                                  ia32 = 0,
                                                                                  x64 = 1,
                                                                                  armv7l = 2,

                                                                                    member armv7l

                                                                                    armv7l = 2

                                                                                      member ia32

                                                                                      ia32 = 0

                                                                                        member x64

                                                                                        x64 = 1

                                                                                          type ArchType

                                                                                          type ArchType = 'x64' | 'ia32' | 'armv7l';

                                                                                            type CompressionLevel

                                                                                            type CompressionLevel = 'store' | 'normal' | 'maximum';

                                                                                              type TargetConfigType

                                                                                              type TargetConfigType = Array<string | TargetConfig> | string | TargetConfig | null;

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