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  • MIT license


npm i electron-publish
yarn add electron-publish
pnpm add electron-publish


Part of [electron-builder](https://github.com/electron-userland/electron-builder).



function getCiTag

getCiTag: () => string | null;


    class HttpPublisher

    abstract class HttpPublisher extends Publisher {}


      protected constructor(context: PublishContext, useSafeArtifactName?: boolean);

        property context

        protected readonly context: PublishContext;

          method doUpload

          protected abstract doUpload: (
          fileName: string,
          arch: Arch,
          dataLength: number,
          requestProcessor: (
          request: ClientRequest,
          reject: (error: Error) => void
          ) => void,
          file: string
          ) => Promise<any>;

            method upload

            upload: (task: UploadTask) => Promise<any>;

              class ProgressCallback

              class ProgressCallback {}


                constructor(progressBar: ProgressBar);

                  method update

                  update: (transferred: number, total: number) => void;

                    class Publisher

                    abstract class Publisher {}


                      protected constructor(context: PublishContext);

                        property context

                        protected readonly context: PublishContext;

                          property providerName

                          readonly providerName: PublishProvider;

                            method createProgressBar

                            protected createProgressBar: (
                            fileName: string,
                            size: number
                            ) => ProgressBar | null;

                              method createReadStreamAndProgressBar

                              protected createReadStreamAndProgressBar: (
                              file: string,
                              fileStat: Stats,
                              progressBar: ProgressBar | null,
                              reject: (error: Error) => void
                              ) => NodeJS.ReadableStream;

                                method toString

                                abstract toString: () => string;

                                  method upload

                                  abstract upload: (task: UploadTask) => Promise<any>;


                                    interface PublishContext

                                    interface PublishContext {}

                                      property cancellationToken

                                      readonly cancellationToken: CancellationToken;

                                        property progress

                                        readonly progress: MultiProgress | null;

                                          interface PublishOptions

                                          interface PublishOptions {}

                                            property publish

                                            publish?: PublishPolicy | null;

                                              interface UploadTask

                                              interface UploadTask {}

                                                property arch

                                                arch: Arch | null;

                                                  property file

                                                  file: string;

                                                    property fileContent

                                                    fileContent?: Buffer | null;

                                                      property safeArtifactName

                                                      safeArtifactName?: string | null;

                                                        property timeout

                                                        timeout?: number | null;

                                                          Type Aliases

                                                          type PublishPolicy

                                                          type PublishPolicy = 'onTag' | 'onTagOrDraft' | 'always' | 'never';

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