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npm i enquirer
yarn add enquirer
pnpm add enquirer


Stylish, intuitive and user-friendly prompt system. Fast and lightweight enough for small projects, powerful and extensible enough for the most advanced use cases.



function prompt

prompt: <T = object>(
| PromptOptions
| ((this: Enquirer) => PromptOptions)
| (PromptOptions | ((this: Enquirer) => PromptOptions))[]
) => Promise<T>;


    class Enquirer

    class Enquirer<T = object> extends EventEmitter {}


      constructor(options?: {}, answers?: {});

        method prompt

        prompt: (
        | PromptOptions
        | ((this: Enquirer) => PromptOptions)
        | (PromptOptions | ((this: Enquirer) => PromptOptions))[]
        ) => Promise<T>;
        • Prompt function that takes a "question" object or array of question objects, and returns an object with responses from the user.

          Parameter questions

          Options objects for one or more prompts to run.

        method register

        register: {
        (type: string, fn: typeof BasePrompt | (() => typeof BasePrompt)): this;
        (type: {
        [key: string]: typeof BasePrompt | (() => typeof BasePrompt);
        }): this;
        • Register a custom prompt type.

          Parameter type

          Parameter fn

          Prompt class, or a function that returns a Prompt class.

        • Register a custom prompt type.

        method use

        use: (plugin: (this: this, enquirer: this) => void) => this;
        • Use an enquirer plugin.

          Parameter plugin

          Plugin function that takes an instance of Enquirer.

        class Prompt

        class Prompt extends BasePrompt {}

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