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npm i find-cache-dir
yarn add find-cache-dir
pnpm add find-cache-dir


Finds the common standard cache directory



Type Aliases


function findCacheDirectory

findCacheDirectory: (options: Options) => string | undefined;
  • Finds the cache directory using the given options.

    The algorithm checks for the CACHE_DIR environmental variable and uses it if it is not set to true, false, 1 or 0. If one is not found, it tries to find a package.json file, searching every parent directory of the cwd specified (or implied from other options). It returns a string containing the absolute path to the cache directory, or undefined if package.json was never found or if the node_modules directory is unwritable.

    Example 1

    import findCacheDirectory from 'find-cache-dir';
    findCacheDirectory({name: 'unicorns'});
    //=> '/user/path/node-modules/.cache/unicorns'

Type Aliases

type Options

type Options = {
Should be the same as your project name in `package.json`.
readonly name: string;
An array of files that will be searched for a common parent directory. This common parent directory will be used in lieu of the `cwd` option below.
readonly files?: string[];
The directory to start searching for a `package.json` from.
@default process.cwd()
readonly cwd?: string;
Create the directory synchronously before returning.
@default false
readonly create?: boolean;

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