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npm i ganache-core
yarn add ganache-core
pnpm add ganache-core


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namespace ganache-core

module 'ganache-core' {}

    interface JsonRpcPayload

    interface JsonRpcPayload {}

      property id

      id?: string | number;

        property jsonrpc

        jsonrpc: string;

          property method

          method: string;

            property params

            params: any[];

              interface JsonRpcResponse

              interface JsonRpcResponse {}

                property error

                error?: string;

                  property id

                  id: number;

                    property jsonrpc

                    jsonrpc: string;

                      property result

                      result?: any;

                        namespace ganache-core.Ganache

                        namespace ganache-core.Ganache {}

                          function provider

                          provider: (opts?: IProviderOptions) => Provider;

                            function server

                            server: (opts?: IServerOptions) => Server;

                              interface IProviderOptions

                              interface IProviderOptions {}

                                property account_keys_path

                                account_keys_path?: string;

                                  property accounts

                                  accounts?: object[];

                                    property allowUnlimitedContractSize

                                    allowUnlimitedContractSize?: boolean;

                                      property blockTime

                                      blockTime?: number;

                                        property db_path

                                        db_path?: string;

                                          property debug

                                          debug?: boolean;

                                            property default_balance_ether

                                            default_balance_ether?: number;

                                              property fork

                                              fork?: string | object;

                                                property fork_block_number

                                                fork_block_number?: string | number;

                                                  property forkCacheSize

                                                  forkCacheSize?: number;

                                                    property gasLimit

                                                    gasLimit?: string | number;

                                                      property gasPrice

                                                      gasPrice?: string;

                                                        property hardfork

                                                        | 'byzantium'
                                                        | 'constantinople'
                                                        | 'petersburg'
                                                        | 'istanbul'
                                                        | 'muirGlacier';

                                                          property hd_path

                                                          hd_path?: string;

                                                            property locked

                                                            locked?: boolean;

                                                              property logger

                                                              logger?: {
                                                              log(msg: string): void;

                                                                property mnemonic

                                                                mnemonic?: string;

                                                                  property network_id

                                                                  network_id?: number;

                                                                    property networkId

                                                                    networkId?: number;

                                                                      property port

                                                                      port?: number;

                                                                        property seed

                                                                        seed?: any;

                                                                          property time

                                                                          time?: Date;

                                                                            property total_accounts

                                                                            total_accounts?: number;

                                                                              property unlocked_accounts

                                                                              unlocked_accounts?: string[];

                                                                                property verbose

                                                                                verbose?: boolean;

                                                                                  property vmErrorsOnRPCResponse

                                                                                  vmErrorsOnRPCResponse?: boolean;

                                                                                    property ws

                                                                                    ws?: boolean;

                                                                                      interface IServerOptions

                                                                                      interface IServerOptions extends IProviderOptions {}

                                                                                        property keepAliveTimeout

                                                                                        keepAliveTimeout?: number;

                                                                                          interface Provider

                                                                                          interface Provider {}

                                                                                            property close

                                                                                            close: (callback: Function) => void;

                                                                                              method on

                                                                                              on: (type: string, callback: () => void) => void;

                                                                                                method once

                                                                                                once: (type: string, callback: () => void) => void;

                                                                                                  method removeAllListeners

                                                                                                  removeAllListeners: (type: string) => void;

                                                                                                    method removeListener

                                                                                                    removeListener: (type: string, callback: () => void) => void;

                                                                                                      method send

                                                                                                      send: (
                                                                                                      payload: JsonRpcPayload,
                                                                                                      callback: (error: Error | null, result?: JsonRpcResponse) => void
                                                                                                      ) => void;

                                                                                                        interface Server

                                                                                                        interface Server extends HttpServer {}

                                                                                                          property provider

                                                                                                          provider: Provider;

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