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npm i gaxios
yarn add gaxios
pnpm add gaxios


A simple common HTTP client specifically for Google APIs and services.



variable instance

const instance: Gaxios;
  • The default instance used when the request method is directly invoked.


function request

request: <T>(
opts: GaxiosOptions
) => Promise<import('./common').GaxiosResponse<T>>;
  • Make an HTTP request using the given options.

    Parameter opts

    Options for the request


class Gaxios

class Gaxios {}


    constructor(defaults?: GaxiosOptions);
    • The Gaxios class is responsible for making HTTP requests.

      Parameter defaults

      The default set of options to be used for this instance.

    property agentCache

    protected agentCache: Map<any, any>;

      property defaults

      defaults: GaxiosOptions;
      • Default HTTP options that will be used for every HTTP request.

      property interceptors

      interceptors: {
      request: GaxiosInterceptorManager<GaxiosOptions>;
      response: GaxiosInterceptorManager<GaxiosResponse>;
      • Interceptors

      method request

      request: <T = any>(opts?: GaxiosOptions) => GaxiosPromise<T>;
      • Perform an HTTP request with the given options.

        Parameter opts

        Set of HTTP options that will be used for this HTTP request.

      class GaxiosError

      class GaxiosError<T = any> extends Error {}


        message: string,
        config: GaxiosOptions,
        response?: GaxiosResponse<T>,
        error?: any

          property [GAXIOS_ERROR_SYMBOL]

          [GAXIOS_ERROR_SYMBOL]: string;

          property code

          code?: string;
          • An Error code. See

            Example 1


          property config

          config: GaxiosOptions;

            property error

            error?: any;

              property response

              response?: GaxiosResponse<T>;

                property status

                status?: number;
                • An HTTP Status code. See

                  Example 1


                method [Symbol.hasInstance]

                static [Symbol.hasInstance]: (instance: unknown) => boolean;
                • Support instanceof operator for GaxiosError across builds/duplicated files.

                  See Also

                class GaxiosInterceptorManager

                class GaxiosInterceptorManager<
                T extends GaxiosOptions | GaxiosResponse
                > extends Set<GaxiosInterceptor<T> | null> {}
                • Class to manage collections of GaxiosInterceptors for both requests and responses.


                interface GaxiosInterceptor

                interface GaxiosInterceptor<T extends GaxiosOptions | GaxiosResponse> {}
                • Interceptors that can be run for requests or responses. These interceptors run asynchronously.

                property rejected

                rejected?: (err: GaxiosError) => void;
                • Function to be run if the previous call to resolved throws / rejects or the request results in an invalid status as determined by the call to validateStatus.

                  Parameter err

                  The error thrown from the previously called resolved function.

                property resolved

                resolved?: (configOrResponse: T) => Promise<T>;
                • Function to be run when applying an interceptor.

                  Parameter configOrResponse

                  The current configuration or response.


                  {Promise} Promise that resolves to the modified set of options or response.

                interface GaxiosOptions

                interface GaxiosOptions {}
                • Request options that are used to form the request.

                property adapter

                adapter?: <T = any>(
                options: GaxiosOptions,
                defaultAdapter: (options: GaxiosOptions) => GaxiosPromise<T>
                ) => GaxiosPromise<T>;
                • Optional method to override making the actual HTTP request. Useful for writing tests.

                property agent

                agent?: Agent | ((parsedUrl: URL) => Agent);

                  property baseUrl

                  baseUrl?: string;
                  • Deprecated

                  property baseURL

                  baseURL?: string | URL;

                    property body

                    body?: any;

                      property cert

                      cert?: string;

                        property data

                        data?: any;

                          property errorRedactor

                          errorRedactor?: typeof defaultErrorRedactor | false;
                          • An experimental error redactor.


                            This does not replace the requirement for an active Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provider. For DLP suggestions, see: - -


                            • @experimental

                          property fetchImplementation

                          fetchImplementation?: FetchImplementation;
                          • Implementation of fetch to use when making the API call. By default, will use the browser context if available, and fall back to node-fetch in node.js otherwise.

                          property follow

                          follow?: number;

                            property headers

                            headers?: Headers;

                              property key

                              key?: string;

                                property maxContentLength

                                maxContentLength?: number;
                                • The maximum size of the http response content in bytes allowed.

                                property maxRedirects

                                maxRedirects?: number;
                                • The maximum number of redirects to follow. Defaults to 20.

                                property method

                                | 'GET'
                                | 'HEAD'
                                | 'POST'
                                | 'DELETE'
                                | 'PUT'
                                | 'CONNECT'
                                | 'OPTIONS'
                                | 'TRACE'
                                | 'PATCH';

                                  property multipart

                                  multipart?: GaxiosMultipartOptions[];
                                  • A collection of parts to send as a Content-Type: multipart/related request.

                                  property noProxy

                                  noProxy?: (string | URL | RegExp)[];
                                  • A list for excluding traffic for proxies. Available via process.env.NO_PROXY as well as a common-separated list of strings - merged with any local noProxy rules.

                                    - When provided a string, it is matched by - Wildcard *. and . matching are available. (e.g. or * - When provided a URL, it is matched by the .origin property. - For example, requesting with the following noProxys would result in a no proxy use: - new URL('') - new URL('') - The following would be used with a proxy: - new URL('') - new URL('') - When provided a regular expression it is used to match the stringified URL

                                    See Also

                                  property onUploadProgress

                                  onUploadProgress?: (progressEvent: any) => void;
                                  • Deprecated


                                  property params

                                  params?: any;

                                    property paramsSerializer

                                    paramsSerializer?: (params: { [index: string]: string | number }) => string;

                                      property proxy

                                      proxy?: string | URL;
                                      • An optional proxy to use for requests. Available via process.env.HTTP_PROXY and process.env.HTTPS_PROXY as well - with a preference for the this config option when multiple are available. The option overrides this.

                                        See Also

                                      property responseType

                                      responseType?: 'arraybuffer' | 'blob' | 'json' | 'text' | 'stream' | 'unknown';

                                        property retry

                                        retry?: boolean;

                                          property retryConfig

                                          retryConfig?: RetryConfig;

                                            property signal

                                            signal?: any;

                                              property size

                                              size?: number;

                                                property timeout

                                                timeout?: number;

                                                  property url

                                                  url?: string | URL;

                                                    property validateStatus

                                                    validateStatus?: (status: number) => boolean;

                                                      interface GaxiosResponse

                                                      interface GaxiosResponse<T = any> {}

                                                        property config

                                                        config: GaxiosOptions;

                                                          property data

                                                          data: T;

                                                            property headers

                                                            headers: Headers;

                                                              property request

                                                              request: GaxiosXMLHttpRequest;

                                                                property status

                                                                status: number;

                                                                  property statusText

                                                                  statusText: string;

                                                                    interface Headers

                                                                    interface Headers {}

                                                                      index signature

                                                                      [index: string]: any;

                                                                        interface RetryConfig

                                                                        interface RetryConfig {}
                                                                        • Configuration for the Gaxios request method.

                                                                        property currentRetryAttempt

                                                                        currentRetryAttempt?: number;
                                                                        • The number of retries already attempted.

                                                                        property httpMethodsToRetry

                                                                        httpMethodsToRetry?: string[];
                                                                        • The HTTP Methods that will be automatically retried. Defaults to ['GET','PUT','HEAD','OPTIONS','DELETE']

                                                                        property noResponseRetries

                                                                        noResponseRetries?: number;
                                                                        • When there is no response, the number of retries to attempt. Defaults to 2.

                                                                        property onRetryAttempt

                                                                        onRetryAttempt?: (err: GaxiosError) => Promise<void> | void;
                                                                        • Function to invoke when a retry attempt is made.

                                                                        property retry

                                                                        retry?: number;
                                                                        • The number of times to retry the request. Defaults to 3.

                                                                        property retryBackoff

                                                                        retryBackoff?: (err: GaxiosError, defaultBackoffMs: number) => Promise<void>;
                                                                        • Function to invoke which returns a promise. After the promise resolves, the retry will be triggered. If provided, this will be used in-place of the retryDelay

                                                                        property retryDelay

                                                                        retryDelay?: number;
                                                                        • The amount of time to initially delay the retry, in ms. Defaults to 100ms.

                                                                        property shouldRetry

                                                                        shouldRetry?: (err: GaxiosError) => Promise<boolean> | boolean;
                                                                        • Function to invoke which determines if you should retry

                                                                        property statusCodesToRetry

                                                                        statusCodesToRetry?: number[][];
                                                                        • The HTTP response status codes that will automatically be retried. Defaults to: [[100, 199], [408, 408], [429, 429], [500, 599]]

                                                                        Type Aliases

                                                                        type GaxiosPromise

                                                                        type GaxiosPromise<T = any> = Promise<GaxiosResponse<T>>;

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