• Version 6.0.0-alpha.1
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  • MIT license


npm i gulp-typescript
yarn add gulp-typescript
pnpm add gulp-typescript


A typescript compiler for gulp with incremental compilation support.



function compile

compile: typeof compile;

    function createProject

    createProject: {
    (tsConfigFileName: string, settings?: Settings): Project;
    (settings?: Settings): _project.Project;

      function filter

      filter: (...args: any[]) => void;


        interface Settings

        interface Settings {}

          property allowNonTsExtensions

          allowNonTsExtensions?: boolean;

            property charset

            charset?: string;

              property codepage

              codepage?: number;

                property declaration

                declaration?: boolean;

                  property declarationFiles

                  declarationFiles?: boolean;

                    property experimentalDecorators

                    experimentalDecorators?: boolean;

                      property getCustomTransformers

                      getCustomTransformers?: GetCustomTransformers;

                        property isolatedModules

                        isolatedModules?: boolean;

                          property jsx

                          jsx?: string | number;

                            property lib

                            lib?: string[];

                              property locale

                              locale?: string;

                                property mapRoot

                                mapRoot?: string;

                                  property module

                                  module?: string | ts.ModuleKind;

                                    property moduleResolution

                                    moduleResolution?: string | number;

                                      property noEmitOnError

                                      noEmitOnError?: boolean;

                                        property noExternalResolve

                                        noExternalResolve?: boolean;

                                          property noImplicitAny

                                          noImplicitAny?: boolean;

                                            property noLib

                                            noLib?: boolean;

                                              property noLibCheck

                                              noLibCheck?: boolean;

                                                property noResolve

                                                noResolve?: boolean;

                                                  property out

                                                  out?: string;

                                                    property outDir

                                                    outDir?: string;

                                                      property outFile

                                                      outFile?: string;

                                                        property preserveConstEnums

                                                        preserveConstEnums?: boolean;

                                                          property removeComments

                                                          removeComments?: boolean;

                                                            property rootDir

                                                            rootDir?: string;

                                                              property rootDirs

                                                              rootDirs?: any;

                                                                property sortOutput

                                                                sortOutput?: boolean;

                                                                  property sourceRoot

                                                                  sourceRoot?: string;

                                                                    property suppressImplicitAnyIndexErrors

                                                                    suppressImplicitAnyIndexErrors?: boolean;

                                                                      property target

                                                                      target?: string | ts.ScriptTarget;

                                                                        property typescript

                                                                        typescript?: typeof ts;

                                                                          index signature

                                                                          [name: string]: any;

                                                                            Type Aliases

                                                                            type CompileStream

                                                                            type CompileStream = _project.ICompileStream;

                                                                              type Project

                                                                              type Project = _project.Project;

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