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  • MIT license


npm i http-link-dataloader
yarn add http-link-dataloader
pnpm add http-link-dataloader


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class BatchedGraphQLClient

class BatchedGraphQLClient {}


    constructor(uri: string, options?: Options & ClientOptions);

      property load

      load: (keys: string[]) => Promise<any>;

        property options

        options: Options;

          property uri

          uri: string;

            method request

            request: <T extends unknown>(
            query: string,
            variables?: Variables,
            operationName?: string
            ) => Promise<T>;

              class HTTPLinkDataloader

              class HTTPLinkDataloader extends ApolloLink {}


                constructor(options: HttpOptions);


                  interface ClientOptions

                  interface ClientOptions {}

                    property cacheResults

                    cacheResults?: boolean;

                      interface GraphQLError

                      interface GraphQLError {}

                        property locations

                        locations?: {
                        line: number;
                        column: number;

                          property message

                          message: string;

                            property path

                            path?: string[];

                              interface GraphQLRequestContext

                              interface GraphQLRequestContext {}

                                property query

                                query: string;

                                  property variables

                                  variables?: Variables;

                                    interface GraphQLResponse

                                    interface GraphQLResponse {}

                                      property data

                                      data?: any;

                                        property errors

                                        errors?: GraphQLError[];

                                          property status

                                          status: number;

                                            index signature

                                            [key: string]: any;

                                              interface Options

                                              interface Options {}

                                                property cache

                                                cache?: RequestInit['cache'];

                                                  property credentials

                                                  credentials?: RequestInit['credentials'];

                                                    property headers

                                                    headers?: {
                                                    [key: string]: string;

                                                      property integrity

                                                      integrity?: RequestInit['integrity'];

                                                        property keepalive

                                                        keepalive?: boolean;

                                                          property method

                                                          method?: RequestInit['method'];

                                                            property mode

                                                            mode?: RequestInit['mode'];

                                                              property redirect

                                                              redirect?: RequestInit['redirect'];

                                                                property referrer

                                                                referrer?: RequestInit['referrer'];

                                                                  property referrerPolicy

                                                                  referrerPolicy?: RequestInit['referrerPolicy'];

                                                                    Type Aliases

                                                                    type HttpOptions

                                                                    type HttpOptions = Options & {
                                                                    uri: string;

                                                                      type Variables

                                                                      type Variables = {
                                                                      [key: string]: any;

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